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R.I.P. Nora Ephron
Started to post this as an update, but the update won't allow enough characters.
chapter 1: a tribute (added 2012/06/27)

Death Takes a Holiday
Musings on life, death, soft guns and hard truths at the world's largest museum attraction.

. . .I am standing on the top deck sipping another glass of cold chardonnay staring at the darkening mountain

chapter 1: a travel essay (added 2013/07/25)

A Girl Who Reads (by Nona.Merah)
My sweet husband sent me a copy of this blog post after happening upon it on Facebook, and it seems most appropriate to post a link to it here.


"Date a g

chapter 1: a shared FB finding (added 2012/01/03)

RIP: Patrick Leigh Fermor
Obit from The New York Times, June 14, 2011:

The Humanist in the Foxhole


In today’s world of overly specialized foreign-policy knowledge, we need more generalists like Patrick L

chapter 1: Travel writer and human being extraordinaire (added 2011/06/15)

A consideration of history’s potential to “simplify experience into myth” or restore “complexity to our sense of the past,” a subject of particular interest to me, especially concerning World War II and strategic bombing.
This is a copy of:
"Is World War II Still ‘the Good War’?"
By ADAM KIRSCH from The New York Times Sunday Book Review, May 27, 2011

It mentions several notable books of revisionist WWII history, which Ki

chapter 1: "Is World War II Still ‘the Good War’?" written by ADAM KIRSCH, from The New York Times Sunday Book Review, May 27, 2011 (added 2011/05/31)

The Conscience of a Collector
This is an interesting article on book collecting from:
The Wilson Quarterly Spring 2010

Since the option to share the article on many other sites is OK, I’m assuming it’s OK to cut and past it here.

chapter 1: The Conscience of a Collector [an article about book collecting] by Jeffrey Scheuer (from The Wilson Quarterly, Spring 2010) (added 2011/04/16)