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The Stabbing
One stabbing, countless people affected. This is how the loss of a seventeen year old girl changes those around her.
chapter 1: Setting The Scene (added 2012/02/14)
chapter 2: The Paramedic (added 2012/02/14)
chapter 3: The Nurse (added 2012/02/14)
chapter 4: The Best Friend (added 2011/11/08)
chapter 5: The Sister (added 2012/02/14)
chapter 6: The Family (added 2012/02/14)
chapter 7: The Perpetrator (added 2012/02/14)
chapter 8: The Policeman (added 2012/02/14)
chapter 9: The Teacher (added 2012/02/14)
chapter 10: Waiting For Justice (added 2012/02/14)

Me, Her and World War Two
A loving family torn apart by the war.
It is 1940. This is just the beginning.
Annie, John and Sophie are a family who are being pulled in all different directions by the war. Who knows if or when they

chapter 1: Being A Mum (added 2011/04/02)
chapter 2: Loving Life (added 2011/04/02)
chapter 3: Losing John (added 2011/04/02)
chapter 4: Missing Daddy (added 2011/04/02)
chapter 5: Losing Sophie (added 2011/04/02)
chapter 6: Letters (added 2011/04/02)
chapter 7: Missing Mummy (added 2011/04/02)
chapter 8: Life Without Sophie (added 2011/04/02)
chapter 9: I'm getting really scared now! (added 2011/06/14)

The Calm Before The Storm
Anne Holloway is a troubled 13 year old. She hates herself and her mum. When Anne meets Suzie on a beach in Calais, no-one knows what damage this will cause...
chapter 1: Story so far... (added 2011/02/08)

In Sickness and In Health
Mark Gregory is going through hell. He is madly in love with his wife Jill- But she doesn't know who he is. She has dementia.
When Mark meets Cesca, he falls for her but being a devout christian, he be

chapter 1: The Story (added 2011/03/27)