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Story Ideas
I kind of borrowed this idea from Cass Hangswiththecoolkids.
All the story ideas I have but aren't sure of writing. :D

chapter 1: The Other World (added 2012/03/21)
chapter 2: The Diary of a Nerd (added 2012/01/09)

If cupid had a heart...
Being a president's daughter isn't easy. Brenna would know. But, she plans to become president someday, so she has to learn. When her father takes her to Denmark on a strict business trip, the last th ...more
chapter 1: Author's note (added 2011/12/14)
chapter 2: Preface (added 2011/12/23)
chapter 3: Denmark? (added 2012/03/21)

Heartbreaker (Book 1 of the Barnett sisters)
I know I should stop updating stories and making new ones. But I have this one already planned out.

Jennifer Barnett was never one for rules. You give her a list of rules and she'll break them. Another

chapter 1: One (added 2011/11/26)
chapter 2: Two (added 2011/12/14)
chapter 3: Three-CHAPTER NOT FINISHED (added 2015/01/04)

Brett is in jail for gambling, bribery, and hiring underage kids to work in his bar. Cat and her friends are the underage kids. They were devasted after Brett was put in jail. He was like the parent t ...more
chapter 1: Character backgrounds (added 2011/11/25)
chapter 2: Cat (added 2011/12/02)
chapter 3: Dimitri (added 2012/05/13)

The Wanted (Boian Institute for the Unwanteds #2)
Lorin and Derek have fled the Institute. They have left everything and everyone behind. It won't be too long until they find out. Until the Council finds out. Lorin needs to figure out this whole Chos ...more
chapter 1: Prologue: Romania (added 2011/10/25)
chapter 2: New School and Plans (added 2011/10/31)
chapter 3: Fights and Bites (added 2011/12/29)
chapter 4: Confused (added 2011/12/29)
chapter 5: Curse (added 2012/01/24)
chapter 6: Pictures. (added 2012/02/14)
chapter 7: No answers (added 2012/03/21)
chapter 8: Damsel in Distress no more (added 2012/06/11)

Girls vs. Boys
A war of the sexes. One mistake can divide a whole highschool. Courtney Brian is determined to fix that.
chapter 1: Author's note (added 2011/11/13)
chapter 2: The Dance (added 2011/10/25)
chapter 3: Nobody has to know (added 2011/11/30)
chapter 4: Best friends (added 2011/10/30)
chapter 5: Rednecks and Dates (added 2011/11/05)
chapter 6: First Prank (added 2011/11/11)
chapter 7: Sweet Revenge (added 2011/11/13)
chapter 8: Kisses (added 2011/11/16)
chapter 9: They strike back (added 2011/11/22)
chapter 10: It's not worth it (added 2011/11/25)
chapter 11: It's over (added 2011/11/25)
chapter 12: Dad (added 2011/11/28)
chapter 13: Hit and Run (added 2011/11/30)
chapter 14: Screw Love (added 2011/12/08)
chapter 15: Pudding bombs (added 2011/12/09)
chapter 16: Confess (added 2011/12/12)
chapter 17: Joy ride (added 2012/02/20)
chapter 18: Death (added 2012/02/26)
chapter 19: Just keep swimming (added 2012/03/30)
chapter 20: Reunion (added 2013/04/15)

Assassin Academy
The world is in chaos. All government officials have been murdered by an unknown terrorist group. America is in shambles, Britain is shattered, and all of the other countries are afraid for their live ...more
chapter 1: Jamie: Prolouge: Apocolypse (added 2011/10/08)
chapter 2: Jamie: Graduation (added 2011/10/09)
chapter 3: Drake: First assignment (added 2011/10/09)
chapter 4: Jamie: Branded (added 2011/10/19)

You can't breathe when nobody's giving you room to live. Maeve Green is an up and coming movie star. She has two heiresses as BFFs and the hottest boyfriend Hollywood has ever produced. Or...used to. ...more
chapter 1: Prologue: Fantasy dreaming (added 2011/09/24)
chapter 2: Keep on dreaming (added 2011/09/24)
chapter 3: Memories (added 2011/09/27)
chapter 4: But I love her (added 2011/10/18)
chapter 5: Agree (added 2011/10/18)
chapter 6: Homeward Bound (Camren's POV) (added 2011/10/18)
chapter 7: Farmland (added 2011/11/26)
chapter 8: Trust (added 2012/02/20)
chapter 9: Forget me...For a movie? (added 2012/10/21)

My beautiful, wonderful poetic poetry.
chapter 1: Broken (added 2011/08/26)

What if all of your favorite characters from your favorite fairy tales, had children? Four best friends. All cursed. A destiny forced upon generations, until one of them gets it right. Ella, Whit, Bel ...more
chapter 1: Ella: Prologue (added 2011/08/24)
chapter 2: Whit: Rememberance (added 2011/10/08)
chapter 3: Rory: Forever (added 2011/08/29)
chapter 4: Belly: Discovery (added 2011/08/31)
chapter 5: Ella: Masquerade (added 2011/09/11)
chapter 6: Whit: Lovely (added 2011/10/08)
chapter 7: Rory: Date night (added 2011/10/08)
chapter 8: Belly: Witch (added 2011/09/12)
chapter 9: Ella: Prince Charming (added 2011/10/12)
chapter 10: Whit: Marcus (added 2011/09/30)
chapter 11: Rory: Daddy's little girl (added 2011/10/04)
chapter 12: Belly: Behind A Mask (added 2011/10/19)
chapter 13: Ella: Chelsea (added 2011/10/16)
chapter 14: Whit: Feast and Flirt (added 2011/10/19)
chapter 15: Rory: Road Trip! (added 2011/10/24)
chapter 16: Belly: To be or not to be together (added 2011/11/06)
chapter 17: Ella: Hike (added 2011/12/04)
chapter 18: Whit: Sweet (added 2011/12/16)
chapter 19: Rory: Tent love (added 2012/02/20)
chapter 20: Belly: The Boy who cried wolf (added 2012/02/25)
chapter 21: Ella: The Game (added 2013/04/16)

The Chosen (Boian Institute for the Unwanteds #1){FINISHED}
16 year old Lorin Nelson was an abused child. Her mother was murdered when she was two, and her father was framed for it.Now, he's on the run. Her older brother disappeared out of no where. She is lef ...more
chapter 1: Savior (added 2011/11/01)
chapter 2: Derek's Story (added 2011/08/07)
chapter 3: The Institute (added 2011/08/03)
chapter 4: New friends (added 2011/09/17)
chapter 5: Auden's challenge (added 2011/08/04)
chapter 6: Discovery (added 2011/08/04)
chapter 7: Defeating the Giant (added 2011/09/17)
chapter 8: Winner (added 2011/08/20)
chapter 9: Out of it (added 2011/08/20)
chapter 10: The fight (added 2011/08/08)
chapter 11: Denial (added 2011/08/11)
chapter 12: Excuses (added 2011/08/21)
chapter 13: Love, denied (added 2011/09/04)
chapter 14: Firework (added 2011/08/30)
chapter 15: Detention (added 2011/09/06)
chapter 16: Mommy Dearest (added 2011/09/17)
chapter 17: Guilty until proven innocent (added 2011/09/25)
chapter 18: Fall (added 2011/09/26)
chapter 19: Prophecy (added 2011/10/12)
chapter 20: This is war (added 2011/10/16)
chapter 21: Hell to pay (added 2011/10/21)
chapter 22: The Chosen (added 2011/10/24)
chapter 23: NEW EDITED VERSION (added 2012/04/13)

The Awakening
Alex's life changed the second she started having those dreams. She knows she should have told someone, but who was going to believe her? One night at a club, she meets gorgeous Camren. He was a myste ...more
chapter 1: Prolouge (added 2011/07/24)
chapter 2: The Dream (added 2011/08/22)
chapter 3: Eavesdroppers never hear any good of themselves... (added 2011/08/22)
chapter 4: Just Friends (added 2011/08/22)
chapter 5: The Call (added 2011/08/22)
chapter 6: Torture (added 2011/08/22)
chapter 7: Insane (added 2011/08/22)
chapter 8: Paradise (added 2011/08/22)
chapter 9: Dragged to Hell (added 2011/11/11)