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This Is The Life
Six cats live with an old woman, but when some happens to her, the cats have to be taken away. As they are in the car, the car goes over a bump and they get in a bad situation. Through their journey t ...more
chapter 1: Chapter 1 (added 2011/03/05)
chapter 2: Chapter 2 (added 2011/03/10)

There's More
A girl realizes that she is being followed and she is being followed because she is worth over a billion dollars and so are her sisters that she had never know about
chapter 1: Prologue (added 2011/02/10)
chapter 2: Chapter 1 (added 2011/02/12)
chapter 3: Chapter 2 (added 2011/02/12)
chapter 4: Chapter 3 (added 2011/02/14)
chapter 5: Chapter 4 (added 2011/03/04)
chapter 6: Chapter 5 (added 2011/03/05)
chapter 7: Chapter 6 (added 2011/03/11)
chapter 8: Chapter 7 (added 2011/04/03)

Sit, Stay, Don't Speak
A girl who is adopted with her sister. They are heading home and they are being chased by a bunch of drunk guys while walking home together. They go into an ally and find something that changes their ...more
chapter 1: Chapter 1 (added 2011/02/05)
chapter 2: Chapter 2 (added 2011/02/10)
chapter 3: Chapter 3 (added 2011/03/08)