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See you later, well, maybe
A story of a girl moving to a new place because her mom gets a big job opportunity.
chapter 1: There, I said it (added 2011/05/04)
chapter 2: I'm moving (added 2011/05/04)
chapter 3: And Life Goes On (added 2011/12/28)

Put The Ball In The Hoop
A story about a kid who is in love with basketball, but can't get the basketball in the hoop.
chapter 1: The Curse of the Basketball (added 2011/01/12)
chapter 2: The Curse Is In Trouble! (added 2011/01/15)

Me, Myself, and I
A story about how everyone fits in
chapter 1: Who am I? (added 2011/01/10)
chapter 2: What Happended To Me (added 2011/01/10)
chapter 3: Thanks, But No Thanks (added 2011/03/21)
chapter 4: Weird Stuff (added 2011/05/04)