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Remember Him
Over a decade's worth of memories.

Years of emotions.

Years of struggles.

All of him.

Emma never got to know her grandmother too well. Seeing as she lived in Oregon and her grandmother in California, visi

chapter 1: Goodbye Oregon (added 2015/10/06)

The Choice
What would you do, if you were given a choice to make, and when you actually did decide, it was the wrong one? But you didn't know it until two years later, when nothing could be fixed?

Kate was confro

chapter 1: Prologue (added 2012/01/26)

Tis Mah Junk [:
Random chapters when I get writer's block and school assignments that I don't know exactly where to put....
chapter 1: Social Network Addicts - Journalism (added 2012/02/03)
chapter 2: Chapter for SLY (added 2012/04/26)

Saving Max
This is a story of a dog that was left behind, found, lost, given away, roamed the great unknown, lived with multiple families at different times in his life, and then was found once more. This is Max ...more
chapter 1: A Labrador Puppy (added 2011/11/29)

Someone Like You
Charley is a British teen singer who has come to the United States to live his dream. His rise to stardom took only a matter of weeks. Known all across the country, he is surrounded by fans, fame, cam ...more
chapter 1: Cry, The Beloved Fans - C h a r l e y (added 2011/11/25)
chapter 2: Unexpected - E m i l y (added 2011/12/03)
chapter 3: Then, and Now - C h a r l e y (added 2012/01/14)
chapter 4: Why Must the Simplest Decisions Be So Hard? - E m i l y (added 2012/01/14)
chapter 5: I Am Sir Charles. Kidding, I'm Just Charley - C h a r l e y (added 2012/01/14)
chapter 6: UNTITLED [for now] (added 2012/04/19)

Singled Out
Looking out my window I saw a moving van. I knew the house next door wasn't up for sale, but there the van was, parked in the driveway. Who could be moving in? As I wondered who could possibly move in ...more
chapter 1: California Sun (added 2011/11/26)
chapter 2: Sleepover! (added 2011/12/29)

Forever Broken
A perfect family outing turned into tradgedy. What would you do if your family was in a fatal car accident and you were the only survivor?

Grace Winters was just a normal girl, leading a normal life. B

chapter 1: Never Waking Up (added 2011/08/15)
chapter 2: Dinner (added 2012/04/26)

I Loved Him First
Samantha Lewis is excited for the newcoming school year. She's been 'average' since middle school and is tired of it, so she's finally starting fresh for sophmore year. Expecting this to be a fantasti ...more
chapter 1: Prologue - S a m (added 2011/06/16)
chapter 2: SUMMER- S a m (added 2011/06/13)
chapter 3: Perfection- S a m (added 2011/07/16)
chapter 4: What Just Happened?- T r e v o r (added 2011/11/13)
chapter 5: Forever Alone- D e r e k (added 2011/11/13)
chapter 6: Surfer Girl- J a c o b (added 2011/08/24)
chapter 7: WOWZERS- S a m (added 2011/12/02)