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Homework for Mrs. J.
chapter 1: HW (added 2011/03/17)

Call of Midnight
After being banished from her birth pack, Tala and her mother move to Mystic Vale in search for a new home. Immediately, troubles arise for our young wolf, and she is cast in a power struggle that cou ...more
chapter 1: Chapter One (added 2011/03/04)
chapter 2: Chapter 2 (added 2011/03/07)
chapter 3: Chapter 3 (added 2011/03/07)
chapter 4: Chapter 5 (added 2011/04/21)

The Skye Legacy
Ryo, a young girl with telekentic abilities, moves to Kaname Island with her family, but everything is not as it seems. She finds this place in the forest, a place straight from her dreams. She must t ...more
chapter 1: Chapter One (added 2011/02/14)
chapter 2: Chapter Two (added 2011/02/14)
chapter 3: Chapter Three (added 2011/02/14)
chapter 4: Chapter Four (added 2011/02/14)
chapter 5: Chapter Five (added 2011/02/14)
chapter 6: Chapter Six (added 2011/02/14)
chapter 7: Chapter Seven (added 2011/02/14)

Clara is clarvoyant, and has a price on her head. Now she must run from the people who killed her own parents, of risk losing everything she loves.
chapter 1: Prologue (added 2010/11/15)