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This short review can be applied arbitrarily to anything viewed as a good work of literature.
chapter 1: Arbitrary Book Review 1 (added 2013/04/20)

Argument Against FAIR Education Act
For American Government and Society, we were assigned into groups that were, in turn, assigned either pro or con on an issue in education. Our group was assigned the neg. This was a formal debate in w ...more
chapter 1: Argument Against the FAIR Education Act (added 2012/10/10)

I Do Love Me Some Poetry
Poetically symbolizes my poetic passion for poetry. Fulfills an English assignment due (from 11:45 pm, March 9, 2011) in around seven hours.
chapter 1: I Do Love Me Some Poetry (added 2011/03/22)

The Storm and the Trees
Poetic application of figurative language; contains: personification, metaphor, simile, symbolism, irony, allusion, extended allusion, alliteration
chapter 1: The Storm and the Trees (added 2013/02/05)

World Geography research project on Africa. I chose an African disease.
chapter 1: The Niger River (added 2010/11/27)

Pat the Fat Cat, Do Not!
Health project
chapter 1: Being Healthy Is a Breeze (added 2010/11/27)

Pushing Daisy
The Great Gatsby creative response to The Great Gatsby
chapter 1: The Blue Coupé (added 2013/02/05)
chapter 2: Gatsby (added 2010/11/27)
chapter 3: Tom Over Gatsby (added 2010/11/27)
chapter 4: Daisy's End (added 2010/11/27)
chapter 5: Poor Tom (added 2010/11/27)

What Is the Best Song Ever?
Persuasive paragraph for English 10 H
chapter 1: The Best Song Ever (added 2010/11/27)