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Emotionally Needy Friends: Where Do You Draw the Line?
What is the difference between a good friend and a needy friend? Where do you draw the line between friendship and therapist? Are you helping or enabling?
chapter 1: My Articles (added 2012/02/20)

Thanksgiving: A Time to Be Grateful
With the Thanksgiving holiday approaching, I find myself reflecting on all I have to be grateful for and all the ways I've been blessed in my life.
chapter 1: My Articles (added 2011/11/08)

Mother Fights System, Saves At Risk Children
One brave mother fights the legal system to save the child of her hopelessly addicted daughter, and changes lives of at risk children.
chapter 1: My Articles (added 2011/10/31)

Life After Death: Where Do We Go From Here?
Scientists have proven that life after death exists.
chapter 1: My Articles (added 2011/10/18)

Moment to Moment
True happiness comes from living moment to moment. Fulfillment comes from the process of getting there.

chapter 1: My Articles (added 2011/10/07)

Therapy is Best When Self Help and Mind Over Matter Techniques Fail
Many people get frustrated with mind over matter self therapy because of the emphasis placed on tapping into our own energy and healing from within. We all have the ability to do it, but many of us fe ...more
chapter 1: My Articles (added 2011/09/07)

What I Know To Be True On This Birthday 2011
I started a "Love Your Life" tradition last year on my birthday with a list of "What I Know to Be True on This Birthday." This being my 2011 birthday week, I have written a new list of twenty “What I ...more
chapter 1: My Articles (added 2011/08/29)

Relationship Codependency: Everything You Need to Know
Healthy love means healthy relationships. This article discusses the kind of love that is unhealthy; Realtionship Codependency. Learn how to recognize codependency in yourself and others, and learn ho ...more
chapter 1: A Fine Time for Healing (added 2011/08/14)

Dreams: A Preview
Despite the progression of modern science, dreaming remains a mystery. Throughout history dreams have been known to influence governmental decisions, spark revelations and prophecies, inspire the crea ...more
chapter 1: A Fine Time for Healing (added 2011/08/06)

Spirituality: The True Essence of Our Being
The word spirituality is often interchanged with the words faith and religion. Though they are interrelated, the terms have very different meanings. This article specifically focuses on what it means ...more
chapter 1: My Articles (added 2011/08/01)

What is Our Purpose in Life?
Why are we here & what is our purpose? If you examine life from a spiritual point of view, it all makes sense. Discover who you really are and why you're here.
chapter 1: My Articles (added 2011/07/26)

How to Get What You Want
We cannot possibly realize the immense power that comes from our thoughts. What we focus on grows…that is the law of the universe.
chapter 1: My Articles (added 2011/07/26)

Shine Your Spiritual Light to Overpower the Darkness of Others
When you listen to and trust your inner voice, you'll be more aware of people that have bad intentions. Shining your spiritual inner light will always overpower the darkness of others.

chapter 1: My Articles (added 2011/08/14)

Laugh at Yourself, Laugh at Life
True, funny story showing that humor may present itself in the oddest ways. We have to learn to laugh at ourselves, and we have to learn to laugh at life.
chapter 1: My Articles (added 2011/08/14)

Just Call Me Boobs
Book chapter about a serious topic, written with a comical slant.
chapter 1: Chapter Nine of Fine...ly (added 2011/08/14)

Forgiveness Means Letting Go of the Past
Inspirational article about the positive attributes of forgiving.
chapter 1: My Articles (added 2011/08/14)

The Memoir Whisperer
When our writing takes on a life of its own and its purpose becomes greater than we could have ever imagined.
chapter 1: Voices From Beyond (added 2011/08/14)

Picking Up Good Vibrations
The attraction we have to other people is often felt immediately upon meeting them. Whenever we come into contact with another person we exchange energy. The energy that other people emanate can profo ...more
chapter 1: My Articles (added 2011/08/14)

Unspoken Words of Every Child
Though we may be cognizant of the root of our pain, our childhood experiences were tightly woven into the cloth that made us who we are today; they are imbedded in the fibers of our being.
chapter 1: My Articles (added 2011/08/14)

Love Is As Love Does
Healthy, mutual love is the act of two people with separate identities, who are fully secure and capable of living without each other, making the choice to share their lives with each other.
chapter 1: My Articles (added 2011/08/14)

Connecting With Loved Ones Who Have Passed
Our loved ones who have passed on want us to know that they are very much alive, happy, and aware of what we are doing. When they know we are happy, they are at peace.
chapter 1: My Articles (added 2011/08/14)

Bent Over Backwards
Being forcibly side-lined from life opens up a tremendous opportunity for spiritual growth.
chapter 1: My Articles (added 2011/08/14)

Synchronicity: Recognizing the Stream of Consciousness Through Which Life Flows
When we are in touch with the meaningful "coincidences" in our life, navigating our path becomes easier.
chapter 1: My Articles (added 2011/08/14)

Free Copy of Twenty-Five Great Tips For Writing Your Memoir
Learn the secrets to writing a compelling memoir.
chapter 1: Free Offer (added 2011/02/17)

Does Goodness Always Prevail?
Interesting discussion on the spiritual side of goodness.
chapter 1: My Articles (added 2011/08/14)

Measuring Our Personal Success
What is the true meaning of success? It's about making a difference in the lives of others.
chapter 1: My Articles (added 2011/08/14)

Making Courageous, Unpopular Decisions
It isn’t always easy to do something that we feel in our heart is the right thing to do. Often we find that a difficult decision we felt compelled to act upon is unpopular and met with judgment, hosti ...more
chapter 1: My Articles (added 2011/08/14)

Breaking the Cycle of Self-Inflicted Guilt
Why are so many of us able to offer kindness and compassion to others, but not to ourselves?

chapter 1: My Articles (added 2011/08/14)

Knowing What Our Future Holds
What is the destiny that awaits each of us? Do we really want to know?

chapter 1: My Articles (added 2011/08/14)

The Reward of Pushing Against the Tide
Whether consciously or subconsciously we all know that our mission in life is personal growth. We also know that personal growth is not easy. Whether we choose to acknowledge or strive for it, we all ...more
chapter 1: My Articles (added 2011/08/14)

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