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So Alone
A girl, not yet ten years old. A vampire. A lie. A prophecy. Will Gracelyn discover her real life before its too late?
chapter 1: Chapter One (added 2012/01/26)

A Shocker
chapter 1: A Storm to Start (added 2012/01/09)

Mystic Woods
Evangeline Dickinson, a fourteen year old girl who lives with her aunt Elaine in the Mystic Woods. There are plenty of secrets, but can Evangeline reveal them without getting hurt?
chapter 1: The Beginning (added 2012/01/03)

Secrets of a Feather Version 3
To come
chapter 1: Beat (added 2011/10/07)

Secrets of a Feather REWRITTEN
To add later.
chapter 1: Beat (added 2011/10/06)

Secrets of a Feather
Tabitha is finally free. She can’t let them find her family. Her friends are in danger. Tabitha has a secret that she’s kept for years. She can’t even go out in public. It’s like her wings are restric ...more
chapter 1: Beat (added 2011/08/29)
chapter 2: Findings (added 2011/08/30)

Blood Prophecy
This partial book is about a 16 year old girl who traded herself to a vampire in order to keep her friend safe, but her friend isn't safe once Flame becomes a vampire. Flame is new at the whole vampir ...more
chapter 1: Becoming One (added 2011/08/23)
chapter 2: Uncovering Secrets (added 2011/08/26)

This is a quick poem I wrote.
chapter 1: Cruelty (added 2011/08/18)
chapter 2: Older (added 2011/09/12)

My RP character's
I'm just putting these here so I won't lose them.
chapter 1: Flame Parker - Hunger Games Self Roleplay (added 2011/09/07)
chapter 2: Alexander Rayus - Hunger Games Self Roleplay (added 2011/09/07)
chapter 3: Emily Clover - Free Yourself (added 2011/09/07)
chapter 4: Daniel (Danny) Bentley - Free Yourself (added 2011/09/07)

Me and one of my friends wrote this today. :)
chapter 1: *WORKING ON TITLE* (added 2011/07/01)

Luna's Legacy
This is a book my friend and I are writing about a horse who escapes and abandoned barn and learns to live in the wild and has to fer fill her legacy.
chapter 1: The Beginning of a New Life (added 2011/08/08)