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The Agency
In a world where special people are hunted just for being different, one girl is determined to fight back. But what can one girl do against all the government can throw at her?

**WARNING** This project

chapter 1: Prologue (added 2010/09/30)
chapter 2: Chapter One (added 2010/10/07)

The Last Archon
Archais, the only remaining archon in the world, has kept his head down and stayed out of the world's business for the last thousand years. He knew better than to reveal his true self. His friends had ...more
chapter 1: Chapter One (added 2010/09/30)

Escape (Working title)
Elli ran. She ran like she had never run before. The branches whipped her face and the thorns tore her skin, but she ran. She stumbled over a fallen branch and fell to the ground. As she climbed back ...more
chapter 1: Chapter One (added 2011/01/26)
chapter 2: Chapter Two (added 2011/01/26)

The Demon Prince
Baltazar is one of 28 children of the current ruler of demons and the time has come to pass on the throne, but only one can carry on the royal line. Now Baltazar's own brothers and sisters are out for ...more
chapter 1: Prologue (added 2010/09/30)
chapter 2: The Demon Prince (added 2010/09/30)
chapter 3: The War Begins (added 2010/09/30)
chapter 4: The God of War (added 2010/09/30)

Drawn In Darkness (Working title)
Sabrina, 18, starts her senior year in high school but gets an unwanted and unexpected visit from Mike after the first week. Who is Mike? Well, Mike is the crazy psycho that shot and killed Sabrina's ...more
chapter 1: Prologue (added 2010/09/30)
chapter 2: Two Years Later (added 2012/11/08)
chapter 3: The Worst Birthday (added 2010/09/30)
chapter 4: Followed (added 2010/09/30)