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We're not from here.
ONE-SHOT: "The cold seeped into me that day. It got under my skin, and into my bones, and I've been numb ever since."
chapter 1: We're not from here. (added 2010/10/01)

Sweeter than Sour Kisses
I swear, if he hated me so purely, then why the hell did he just kiss me so passionately that I would have cried if my mind hadn't been on other things (like kissing him back with just as much fervor) ...more
chapter 1: Claws of Steel (added 2010/10/01)

Baby Steps
Don’t say it. DON’T say it! “Wanna walk with me?” Damn it! You said it. You IDIOT. You’re going to be all tongue-tied for the entire half-hour walk. Dig a hole and bury yourself in i

chapter 1: on a Rainy Day... (added 2010/10/01)

chapter 1: grin/grimace....: (added 2010/10/01)

the contortionist
chapter 1: the contortionist....: (added 2010/10/01)