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work in progress....don't know how it will turn out yet
chapter 1: Lightning (added 2013/06/15)

The Fox's Rage
What if Foxface had won?? A view from a moving character in the Hunger Games. (FanFiction)
chapter 1: The Games (added 2012/04/10)

Heir Not
Marcella Rose is a young queen, a wise one. Though one day comes where an unexpected visitor changes all that.
chapter 1: A day among others (added 2012/03/11)
chapter 2: a crown in the air (added 2012/09/13)

A parellel world with magic erupts as the Gradec fights unknown forces, but which side is Dreendale on?
chapter 1: A train ride (added 2011/12/16)
chapter 2: Back to the Gradek (added 2011/12/22)

40 Prolouges
I am striving to create 40 random and mysterious prologues in which there is no continuing story. I'm using this as a writing exercise for myself but thought you might enjoy it. Please tell me what yo ...more
chapter 1: Prolouge (# 1) (added 2011/08/01)
chapter 2: #2 (added 2011/08/05)
chapter 3: #3 (added 2011/08/06)
chapter 4: 4 (added 2011/08/13)
chapter 5: 5 (added 2011/09/30)

Emerald Rivers is heir to the throne... or is she?(This is uncomplete)
chapter 1: Emerald (added 2012/02/25)
chapter 2: A guest (added 2011/05/19)
chapter 3: A suprise (added 2011/05/22)
chapter 4: an argument (added 2011/06/05)

Mudblood:the tale of Lily Evans
Harry Potter's mother, and her year at Hogwarts
chapter 1: 1 (added 2011/04/26)
chapter 2: Meeting Severus (added 2011/04/26)
chapter 3: King's Cross (added 2011/04/29)
chapter 4: Diagon Alley (added 2011/05/13)
chapter 5: a wand (added 2011/05/15)
chapter 6: Goodbyes and Train rides (added 2011/06/04)
chapter 7: some shaggy haired boys (added 2011/06/04)
chapter 8: Sweet sweets (added 2011/07/04)
chapter 9: Across the lake and into.... Hogwarts (added 2011/10/04)
chapter 10: accustomed (added 2012/03/19)

Amber Leaves
Amber is fed up with being herself so she escapes to the outside world.
chapter 1: RUNAWAY (added 2012/08/12)