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The Cavalier
When Elizabeth discovers a wounded man in the forests behind her home, she feels it is her Christian duty to help him—even if he is a royalist. Set after Charles II’s defeat at Worcester during the En ...more
chapter 1: Retreat (added 2011/04/19)
chapter 2: Escape (added 2011/04/19)
chapter 3: Elizabeth (added 2012/04/21)

Born To Run
In 1966 Millerton, Pennsylvania was little more than a smudge on the midwestern landscape, nearly straddling the state lines between Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia. A black-hole of a town built ...more
chapter 1: Another Pleasant Valley Monday *updated* (added 2013/02/14)
chapter 2: Good Vibrations *updated* (added 2013/02/14)
chapter 3: I've Just Seen A Face *updated* (added 2011/12/04)
chapter 4: Catch Us If You Can (added 2011/05/28)
chapter 5: Rhythm of the Rain (added 2012/04/29)
chapter 6: A Place In The Sun (added 2012/04/29)
chapter 7: Good Morning Little School Girl (added 2011/12/04)
chapter 8: The Movement You Need is On Your Shoulder (added 2011/12/04)
chapter 9: Playing With Fire (added 2011/12/04)
chapter 10: He Ain't Heavy (added 2011/12/04)
chapter 11: Just Like a Woman (added 2012/03/21)
chapter 12: You're Gonna Lose That Girl (added 2012/03/21)
chapter 13: A Brand New Box Of Matches (added 2011/03/20)
chapter 14: Excerpt From A Teenage Opera (added 2011/12/04)
chapter 15: Helter Skelter (added 2011/12/04)
chapter 16: But She Breaks Just Like A Little Girl (added 2011/12/04)
chapter 17: If You Can Believe Your Eyes and Ears *updated* (added 2012/05/31)
chapter 18: Yesterday (added 2011/12/04)
chapter 19: Monday, Monday *updated* (added 2012/01/25)
chapter 20: With The "In" Crowd *new* (added 2012/05/31)
chapter 21: Be True To Your School *new* (added 2012/05/31)