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Well, this isn't the normal type of story I typically write, but I am for now.
Honestly I have no clue what to call this and what to call the chapters so for now they're just going to be "chapter one"

chapter 1: Running (added 2010/12/05)
chapter 2: Sing Down the Moon~ Flashback (added 2010/12/05)
chapter 3: Introductions (added 2010/11/22)
chapter 4: To The Docks (added 2010/12/05)
chapter 5: The Creek (added 2010/12/05)
chapter 6: Shame (added 2010/12/05)
chapter 7: Butterflies~ Flashback (added 2010/12/05)
chapter 8: Just Play Dead~ Flashback (added 2010/12/05)
chapter 9: Em's Secret (added 2010/12/05)
chapter 10: Searching~ Flashback (added 2010/12/05)
chapter 11: The Rabbit Burrow~ Flashback (added 2010/12/05)
chapter 12: The Naivety of a Child~ Flashback (added 2010/12/05)
chapter 13: Traitor (added 2010/12/05)

A Collection of Excerpts
Most of these will just be random excerpts that popped into my head. Each chapter will be a different excerpt for a different story. Please divide your comments up for the different chapters so I know ...more
chapter 1: One Last Sunrise (added 2010/12/05)
chapter 2: Do you think of me? (added 2010/12/05)
chapter 3: God's Messanger (added 2010/12/05)
chapter 4: Don't let go (added 2010/11/22)
chapter 5: Flowers (added 2010/11/22)
chapter 6: Tendrils of Red (added 2010/11/22)
chapter 7: Stars (added 2010/12/05)
chapter 8: Pleas (added 2010/11/22)
chapter 9: Poisoned Arrows (added 2010/12/05)
chapter 10: Sweet Little Angels (added 2011/05/14)
chapter 11: Trapped ((title subject to change)) (added 2011/05/14)
chapter 12: Powerless (added 2011/12/24)
chapter 13: A Favor (added 2012/03/05)
chapter 14: I prowl forward, a growl resonating (added 2012/03/05)
chapter 15: Butterflies and Love (added 2013/07/12)

The Whisperers
This is a story I wrote at camp over the summer when the prompt was Ghost Stories.
It starts with a poem, which is not really my thing, but I put it in to set the mood for the rest of the story.

chapter 1: Prologue (added 2010/11/22)
chapter 2: Part One (added 2010/12/05)

FPS Scenario
In school we were given five topics to choose from, air transportation, water quality, genetic testing, healthy living, and emergency planning. I chose genetic testing. Each story had to take place at ...more
chapter 1: Genetic Testing (added 2010/12/05)