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Sherlock Season 3
Obviously, this is not the real season three, as it hasn't been released yet, nor am I on the cast (duh) but it starts where season two ends. SPOILER ALERT: if you haven't seen the last episode of sea ...more
chapter 1: Great Minds Think Alike (added 2012/05/29)
chapter 2: It's Not So Simple... (added 2012/06/06)
chapter 3: Now It's Personal (added 2012/06/06)
chapter 4: The Flight (added 2012/07/14)
chapter 5: Fast Forward (added 2012/06/17)
chapter 6: Trial... and Error? (added 2012/06/18)
chapter 7: Evoking Emotion (added 2012/07/24)

The Idle Daydreams of an Idle Michigander
Isn't the title somewhat self explanatory? Each little story's going to be a new chapter, so don't be freaked out that they're going to be super long. Oh and no comments about how odd my daydreams are ...more
chapter 1: Pirates of the Caribbean (added 2011/06/19)
chapter 2: Pirates of the Carribean (2) (added 2011/07/03)
chapter 3: A Painting I Will Never Paint (added 2011/07/13)
chapter 4: A Temeraire Fan-Fic (added 2011/08/21)
chapter 5: Mordred (added 2011/09/13)
chapter 6: Ranger's Apprentice (added 2011/10/13)
chapter 7: Miscellaneous (added 2012/01/12)
chapter 8: Sherlock Holmes (The Movies) (added 2012/02/12)
chapter 9: Sherlock Holmes Cont. (added 2012/03/08)
chapter 10: Romance Requirements (added 2012/02/15)
chapter 11: Nano Idea (added 2012/08/20)
chapter 12: Nano Idea 2 (added 2012/04/27)
chapter 13: A Short Scene (added 2012/08/23)
chapter 14: Avengers Stuff (added 2012/10/21)

Scene's for later use
chapter 1: I Can't Scream Stuff. (added 2011/01/18)
chapter 2: The Switch Stuff (added 2012/07/22)
chapter 3: The Switch Sequel stuff. (second ending) (added 2011/09/05)
chapter 4: Other Stuff (added 2011/11/26)

The Switch
Oh I think you'll see... (this fan fic-ish is not intended for profit.) Contains spoilers!

chapter 1: Our wish comes true. (added 2011/06/12)
chapter 2: "Um where the h*** are we?!" (added 2011/06/12)
chapter 3: Now What do I do? (added 2011/06/12)
chapter 4: So... how do I get out of this one? (added 2011/05/30)
chapter 5: Oh Horace. (added 2012/08/04)
chapter 6: Diagnosis (added 2011/06/07)
chapter 7: Who wants to be a Ranger? (added 2011/12/22)
chapter 8: The End of the Beggining. (added 2011/12/22)
chapter 9: The Journey Begins (added 2011/12/22)
chapter 10: The Journey Begins Redux (added 2011/09/05)
chapter 11: A Trap (added 2011/08/03)
chapter 12: I Hate Surprises (added 2011/09/07)
chapter 13: When Evil Never Rests... (added 2012/01/02)
chapter 14: When Evil Never Rests Cont. (added 2012/01/02)
chapter 15: Onto the Mainland (added 2012/04/10)
chapter 16: Onto the Mainland Cont. (added 2012/05/11)
chapter 17: Of Frayed Nerves and Headquarters (added 2012/07/19)
chapter 18: Do We Have a Plan? (added 2012/09/17)
chapter 19: Don't Go Where I Can't Follow (added 2012/11/03)

The Halt Dream
See Sarah's story "short fantasy stories of things completely crazy that could happen with my friends and i and we'd think absolutely nothing of it: lunch."

chapter 1: The Dream (added 2010/11/20)

I Can't Scream
Struggle for survival type of thing.
chapter 1: Chapter 1 (added 2010/12/09)
chapter 2: Chapter 2 (added 2011/05/16)
chapter 3: Chapter 3 (added 2011/01/13)
chapter 4: Chapter 4 (added 2011/05/16)

ANOTHER average Morning with Serverus Snape
Again, the title is self explanitory. This fan fic is not intended for profit.
chapter 1: The OTHER one and only chapter (added 2010/09/28)

An Average Summer Morning with Severus Snape
The title is somewhat self-explanitory. This fan fiction is not intended for profit.
chapter 1: The One and only Chapter (added 2010/09/22)