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The Nightmare Child
Akela Adamiano was born with the power to walk through peoples dreams...and nightmares. Her grandfather charged her with the task of walking through the depths of others minds, in order to heal and he ...more
chapter 1: A Delicate Predicament (added 2012/05/17)

Love Undying
A Draco Malfoy and Kendra Callahan Love Story:
All of my memories keep you near
in silent moments
Imagine you'd be here.
All of my memories keep you near,
your silent whispers, and silent tears

chapter 1: The Letter from No One (added 2011/07/15)
chapter 2: Book-Shop Boy (added 2011/07/15)
chapter 3: Family Meeting (added 2011/09/15)
chapter 4: The Visitor (added 2011/09/15)
chapter 5: Emergency Wand Work (added 2011/09/15)
chapter 6: Muggleborn (Pieces fitting Together) (added 2011/09/15)
chapter 7: Entering my Elysium (added 2011/09/15)
chapter 8: Going to Diagon Alley (added 2011/09/15)
chapter 9: Diagon Alley (added 2011/09/15)
chapter 10: Runaway (added 2011/09/15)
chapter 11: Leaving (added 2011/09/15)
chapter 12: On Platform 9 3/4 (added 2011/09/15)

Revenge of the Sea Witch
This is the story The Little Mermaid from Arisa's, Ariel's sister, point of view.
chapter 1: Introducing Arisa (added 2011/05/30)
chapter 2: Graveyard Meeting (added 2011/05/30)
chapter 3: Witch's Brew (added 2011/05/30)
chapter 4: First Kiss (added 2011/05/30)
chapter 5: Two Moons Later (added 2011/05/30)
chapter 6: Poisoned Banquet (added 2011/05/30)
chapter 7: Happily Ever After (added 2011/05/30)

Just a Memory
I wrote this song for those who have lost someone to a disease and to death...
chapter 1: Just a Memory; that I wrote (added 2011/02/13)

Only A Princess
As a princess, Jayd la Rosa Bell has always felt out of place. Sure, she rules the ballroom (literally) and is the apple to the eye of many handsome princess and rogue knights but she has always felt ...more
chapter 1: Princess of Cyria (added 2011/01/26)
chapter 2: Missing (added 2011/01/26)

Black Silk Lined with Diamond Rings
chapter 1: Red Rose Casino (added 2010/12/19)
chapter 2: The Bathroom (added 2011/01/25)

The Truest of Loves
To love as the truest
chapter 1: Remembering (added 2010/12/09)

No Man at All
This book is about discovering yourself and believing in what you want to do!
chapter 1: Preface (added 2010/11/30)
chapter 2: Omar; Chapter One (added 2010/12/02)

Princess of Greece
a story depicting how zues, in legend, claimed his well known lightning bolt
chapter 1: GIFTS TO THE GODS; PREFACE (added 2010/11/23)
chapter 2: SETTING OUT (added 2010/11/23)
chapter 3: Inside (added 2010/11/24)

Awaiting your return
chapter 1: Awaiting your Return (added 2010/11/20)
chapter 2: Dark and Cold (added 2010/11/21)
chapter 3: Passion in the Air (added 2010/11/22)
chapter 4: On the Inside (added 2010/11/23)

poetry by the author
chapter 1: Love (added 2010/09/04)
chapter 2: Dream (added 2010/09/04)