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to be deleted

InfoCat Re-Made
I'm not too sure which one is better
Also keep in mind this is a script.

chapter 1: 1 (added 2013/11/09)
chapter 2: 2 (added 2013/08/18)
chapter 3: 3 unfinished (added 2013/08/18)

It needs editing I know
I'm not quite sure where the plot is going.
Also I was being timed while writing this

750words.com and all.

I plan of making it a flash comic one I figure this shit out.

chapter 1: 1 (added 2012/12/31)

The Long Con
This was made out of whimsy one day I'm sorry if it disturbs you.
I'm also sorry it ends weird.

chapter 1: (added 2012/11/06)

To New York
I was asked to tell a story about the picture..so I did..
I'll probably re-write it one day/ edit it etc
I think its interesting..
The grammar is awful though, sorry about that.

chapter 1: Johnny (added 2012/06/21)

Something I just randomly started writing for a challenge I figured It would be a good idea to save it somewhere cause I like it a lot and I'm probably going to add to it
chapter 1: the tall figure (added 2012/02/22)

Who Is She
Writing for a sort of contest on deviantart though the sort of contest says 300 words or less so I had to crop some out on there because everyone now knows the phrase TL;DR
Even if I don't win the

chapter 1: Tiv (added 2011/12/08)

You look at me across the room
I don't really like critiques on my poems :|

I was basically writing a bunch of songs yesterday and this came into my head and its really stalker creepy but I love it
it was supposed to be a song but

chapter 1: across the room (added 2011/10/08)

An Ordinary Man
A man thinks about his life as he's about to jump off a building.

I thought of like 5 billion endings for this, but this seemed most suitable.

There's also a bunch of Metaphors in here, and actually a m

chapter 1: Ordinary man (added 2011/07/18)

And Yet you Still Lie
i got really bored on word
no there's nothing wrong with my life right now other than my appliances keep breaking

this isnt really about bullies its kind of about friends drifting apart ... in a viole

chapter 1: 0 (added 2011/06/19)

Tall Tales of Nelly
I made the first chapter in english class 09
the rest I actually had time to work on it
the chapters don't follow a plot so just start anywhere

Tall tales of Nelly nimble is a series of short stories

chapter 1: The Magic Broom (added 2011/08/06)
chapter 2: Broken dolls (added 2012/10/04)

Running With Scissors
oh jeez this is hard to explain

its not too far in yet but its supposed to be a romance horror / Mystery Ghost story thing

im sorry if it comes off weird

I plan on editing this..

chapter 1: Moving (added 2010/08/14)
chapter 2: NightFall (added 2011/07/05)