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To Whom It May Concern
Afternoon Kindle-ites! Ok, so I had every intention of posting a review today, BUT while cruising around town (aka running errands) a song came on and inspiration struck. So instead of spending the la ...more
chapter 1: To Whom It May Concern (added 2013/06/07)

Something To Hold On To
I have been dragging some serious booty in the reading department this week and to make up for it I am putting myself on display. That’s right kiddies… I wrote a flash fiction for y’all, and instead o ...more
chapter 1: Something To Hold On To (added 2012/01/06)

As promised… another lame attempt at writing by yours truly. Enjoy
chapter 1: Desperation (added 2012/01/06)

Stream of Words
Afternoon Kindle-ites. Yes, I plan on posting a review tonight, but I just finished writing this little ditty and thought.. “What the hell. Post them both.” So… here it is, another Misty original. (Le ...more
chapter 1: Stream of Words (added 2012/01/06)

Slightly Off Balance
Happy Friday Kindle-ites! It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything I’ve written so I thought…what they hey. Now, I am posting this one well aware that it is not for everyone. Some of y’all will li ...more
chapter 1: Slightly Off Balance (added 2012/01/06)