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To Read Pile
Going through the books I already own
chapter 1: The Great Cull of 2014 (added 2014/07/18)

Lord of the Rings
Listening to the audiobooks/rereading for the first time in nearly a decade and my thoughts and feels about them.
chapter 1: LOTR - On Why Galadriel Kicks @$$ (added 2014/07/17)

Essays about various topics.
chapter 1: A Disturbing Trend (added 2013/03/04)
chapter 2: Where is the originality? (added 2013/05/03)
chapter 3: Bullying the Non-Reader (added 2013/12/11)
chapter 4: Not a woman? You can't have an opinion on women's matters (added 2014/02/24)
chapter 5: How to Make a Best-Selling Novel in 10 Easy Steps (added 2014/03/14)
chapter 6: The Confederate Flag - Offensive? (added 2015/06/25)

My Road to Feminism
How I went from believing feminists were a bunch of angry man-haters to being a proud feminist.
chapter 1: My Road to Feminism Intro (added 2013/01/21)
chapter 2: Once Upon a Time (added 2013/01/21)
chapter 3: The Veil Comes Off (added 2013/01/21)
chapter 4: It Isn't So Funny When It Happens to You, Is It? (added 2013/01/23)
chapter 5: Peace of Heart and Mind (added 2013/01/21)
chapter 6: Today a Feminist (added 2013/01/21)
chapter 7: Thank You (added 2013/01/21)

Crystal Starr Light's Inferno
A long-winded review of how "Gabriel's Inferno" pissed me off.
chapter 1: Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover (added 2013/01/07)
chapter 2: The Twilight Fan Fiction Phenomenon (added 2013/01/07)
chapter 3: Twilight’s Copy-Cat Baby Sister (added 2013/01/07)
chapter 4: Characters and How I Like Julianne More than Bella (added 2013/01/07)
chapter 5: Adding More Pages Does Not a Story Make (added 2013/01/07)
chapter 6: Why Does This World Hate Women So Much? (added 2013/01/08)
chapter 7: Conclusion: Learning to Trust Your Instincts (added 2013/01/07)

Anita Blake Vampire ???
Ramblings about the most obnoxious, repulsive woman in fictional history.
chapter 1: Anita Blake: Strong Female Protagonist? (added 2012/11/03)
chapter 2: Anita Blake: Using Rape Lightly and the Ultimate Example of Irony (added 2012/11/14)
chapter 3: Anita Blake: Ronnie Sims (added 2012/11/14)
chapter 4: Anita Blake - Hating Women (added 2013/04/22)
chapter 5: Anita Blake - A Fictitious Letter to Laurell K. Hamilton (added 2013/05/04)
chapter 6: Anita Blake - What Does Sexism Look Like? (added 2013/07/12)

Earth's Children - Series Review
A look at the Earth's Children series. What was great and what was not.
chapter 1: Earth’s Children – Series Review (added 2012/04/29)

My Happily Ever After: A Short Story Inspired by the Republic Commando Novels by Karen Traviss
What happens when a worker meets a Mandalorian? Can he get the information he needs? Will her knees turn to jelly? Can they wait 30 minutes before getting married?
chapter 1: My Happily Ever After (added 2012/02/25)

Watching Star Wars
Star Wars, from the eyes of an adult who isn't as forgiving as the Emperor...
chapter 1: The Phantom Menace a Decade Later (added 2011/09/01)
chapter 2: Attack of the Clones (added 2011/10/21)
chapter 3: Watching Star Wars—The Clone Wars Animated Series (added 2012/02/25)
chapter 4: Watching Star Wars—Revenge of the Sith (added 2012/06/11)

Star Wars: The New Jedi Order: A Review
Was the New Jedi Order worth the time to read/listen to 19 books? Did it do what it promised?
chapter 1: The New Jedi Order Series (added 2011/07/19)