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The Phantom of the Chagnys
It's based on The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux and the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical. If this tickles your fancy, read the original novel or go see the show (I'd also recom

chapter 1: (added 2011/03/11)

Gemma's Purple Notebook
I write all my work in a purple, wide-ruled, spiral notebook, so it's a fitting title here. I'll be adding to this in the future, so if you like this, stop in sometime. I might have something new.
chapter 1: I Am, I Need (added 2010/07/09)
chapter 2: Fly (added 2011/08/06)
chapter 3: This Road (added 2010/12/03)
chapter 4: Dream (added 2010/07/17)
chapter 5: The Shy One (added 2010/08/08)
chapter 6: Seraphic Love (added 2010/08/19)
chapter 7: The Stillness (added 2010/08/20)
chapter 8: Love At First Sight (added 2011/01/05)
chapter 9: Tigress (added 2010/08/23)
chapter 10: Shadows (added 2010/09/03)
chapter 11: My Prayer (added 2011/01/05)
chapter 12: Introspection (added 2012/01/13)
chapter 13: Scars (added 2013/07/27)