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My Notebook of Poetry
Poems that I wrote for school or whenever.
chapter 1: My Poetry Poem (added 2012/01/23)
chapter 2: Moonlight Sonata (added 2012/01/23)
chapter 3: Waiting for Anna Marie (added 2012/01/09)
chapter 4: Fabsome Fantabulous Four (added 2012/01/23)
chapter 5: Madness (added 2012/01/23)
chapter 6: Who Would Ever Want to be King? (added 2012/01/23)
chapter 7: Free at Last (added 2012/01/17)

The Raven and the Worm
chapter 1: :) (added 2011/12/27)

Kidding Sophie
This was an essay for English.
chapter 1: :) (added 2011/11/21)

Essay for English
I had to do a character analysis, and I was rereading the Warriors series, so why not do it on my favorite cat? :D
chapter 1: The Light of ThunderClan (added 2011/11/02)

CW Assignments
Assignments from my Creative Writing class.
chapter 1: Finding Characters (added 2011/09/12)
chapter 2: Many Sides of Your Character (added 2011/09/12)
chapter 3: Begin With a Setting (added 2011/09/14)
chapter 4: Beginning with Words (added 2011/10/09)

A fantasy story about a guy and his three wives.

**I don't have a title for this, so what I usually do is use my main character's name. Title suggestions are appreciated.**

chapter 1: Phell (added 2011/09/07)
chapter 2: Larque (added 2011/09/07)
chapter 3: Phell (added 2011/09/08)
chapter 4: Larque (added 2011/09/08)
chapter 5: Isis (added 2011/09/09)
chapter 6: Larque (added 2011/09/24)
chapter 7: Larque (added 2011/09/24)
chapter 8: Phell (added 2011/10/11)
chapter 9: Larque (added 2011/10/11)
chapter 10: Larque (added 2011/10/13)
chapter 11: Phell (added 2011/10/14)
chapter 12: Larque (added 2011/10/15)

My Memoir
An assignment for Creative Writing.
chapter 1: El-Noor! (added 2011/09/05)

Ok so I didn't want to add spaces between the paragraphs because I'm doing this on a word document and I really didn't want to take that extra time. Also, this is a SCI FI story. The first 2 chapters...more
chapter 1: I Should Have Known Better (added 2011/07/15)
chapter 2: Tomorrow Never Knows (added 2011/07/15)
chapter 3: Across the Universe (added 2011/07/16)
chapter 4: I'm a Loser (added 2011/07/17)
chapter 5: Happiness is a Warm Gun (added 2011/07/17)
chapter 6: One After 909 (added 2011/07/18)
chapter 7: Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da (added 2011/07/18)
chapter 8: Maxwell's Silver Hammer (added 2011/07/19)
chapter 9: Mean Mr. Mustard (added 2011/07/19)
chapter 10: Yesterday (added 2011/07/21)

Declaration of Independence Essay
This was an assignment for History. We had to prettend to be a member of the Council and stuff, and this is what I wrote. I'm pretty proud of myself. :D
chapter 1: This is not a book... (added 2011/04/07)

El-Noor the Graceful
I wrote this for a friend through messenger, so the grammar is probably horrible.
chapter 1: (added 2012/01/28)

just a little thingy I came up with
chapter 1: (added 2011/01/27)