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Element Keepers
Four friends discover that they are destined to save another world called Garibain.
chapter 1: Lenzey (added 2012/09/18)
chapter 2: Light, Water, Shadow, and Fire (added 2012/11/19)

Jason Gold
(A story my friend and I are currently working on.)Jason Gold will either save or destroy the earth. He's the last of his kind but he doesn't know it. There is a father and a daughter who are Tanamen ...more
chapter 1: Prolouge (added 2012/06/04)
chapter 2: Jason Gold (added 2010/10/24)
chapter 3: An Average Day (added 2010/11/07)
chapter 4: The Feild Trip (added 2010/11/26)
chapter 5: The Collector (added 2010/11/29)
chapter 6: The Ship (added 2010/12/18)
chapter 7: Natalias' Tale (added 2011/01/25)
chapter 8: Looking for Luke (added 2011/04/24)
chapter 9: The Morning (added 2011/07/12)
chapter 10: A Little Exposition (added 2011/10/24)
chapter 11: The Man With the Golden Glove (added 2012/04/23)