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Zombie Hour
This is my Nanowrimo novel of 2012.
chapter 1: chapter One (added 2012/11/28)
chapter 2: chapter 2 (added 2012/11/28)
chapter 3: chapter 3 (added 2012/11/28)
chapter 4: chapter 4 (added 2012/11/28)
chapter 5: chapter 5 (added 2012/11/28)
chapter 6: chapter 6 (added 2012/11/28)
chapter 7: chapter 7 (added 2012/11/28)
chapter 8: chapter 8 (added 2012/11/28)
chapter 9: chapter 9 (added 2012/11/28)
chapter 10: chapter 10 (added 2012/11/28)
chapter 11: chapter 11 (added 2012/11/28)
chapter 12: chapter 12 (added 2012/11/28)

The Entitlement
A boy is ripped from his home and taken into the clutches of a madman after his father was assassinated.
The boy's mother goes on an adventure to find her son but it may not be that easy.
Enemies await

chapter 1: Prologue; Waiting (added 2012/03/30)
chapter 2: chapter 1 (added 2012/03/31)
chapter 3: chapter 2 (added 2012/04/02)
chapter 4: chapter 3 (added 2012/04/02)
chapter 5: chapter 4 (added 2012/04/02)

Trial and error
A scientist has taken humans and hooked them up, trying to create something out of them. A short story. Hope you like it.
chapter 1: Trial and error (added 2011/12/24)

The virus
The government is coming up with a created virus to kill much of humankind.
One of the scientists whoo finds out about ti tries to stop the men from doing this...
And if it does happen, the world will c

chapter 1: prologue: the meeting (added 2011/12/19)

The Possessed
A demon has crawled through time and found its way into a doorway to our world, ready to lead an invasion of demons upon the earth.
chapter 1: prologue (added 2011/12/17)

shell shocked
This is a poem about a soldier.
chapter 1: shellshocked (added 2011/11/06)

In the eyes of darkness
Well folks! This is my Nanowrimo writing. I will be posting chapters onto here after I write them.
chapter 1: chapter one (added 2011/11/13)
chapter 2: chapter 2 (added 2011/11/01)
chapter 3: chapter 3 (added 2011/11/13)
chapter 4: chapter 4 (added 2011/11/13)
chapter 5: chapter 5 (added 2011/11/13)
chapter 6: chapter 6 (added 2011/11/13)
chapter 7: chapter 7 (added 2011/11/13)
chapter 8: chapter 8 (added 2011/11/13)
chapter 9: chapter 9 (added 2011/11/13)
chapter 10: chapter 10 (added 2011/11/30)
chapter 11: chapter 11 (added 2011/11/30)
chapter 12: part 2: the rebuilding (added 2011/11/30)
chapter 13: chapter 13 (added 2011/11/30)
chapter 14: chapter 14 (added 2011/11/30)
chapter 15: chapter 15 (added 2011/11/30)

This is a sample, unoffical first chapter of my nanowrimo book. Things will change once I actually begin to write it.
chapter 1: chapter one (added 2011/10/31)

Waste (for now)
In a split second, sixteen year old Thomas Wortley finds out his life is a lie. He is plunged into a cat and mouse game with government authorities that are chasing after him. With his mother and fath ...more
chapter 1: chapter one (added 2011/09/02)

Earthquakes are being dealt in every continent, state and country in the world. Destruction is everywhere. The world is in chaos. And the White has been destroyed, leaving a crippled government.


chapter 1: prologue (added 2011/08/30)

See no evil: the retelling of Jack the Ripper
A series of murders has struck the small, friendly town of Gates Michigan. An unknown man escapes into the night and is never seen again
Until seven years later.
The Catwhile family has moved into a new

chapter 1: prologue (added 2011/08/25)

Prince Paine leads a perfectly normal life. That is until its taken away from him forever. When his father is killed by the emperors men he vows to take revenge on the empire and is pitted against the ...more
chapter 1: prologue (added 2011/04/16)
chapter 2: one (added 2011/04/23)

Hall of the dragons
Legend has it of a ferce warrior who lived during the age of dragons and has fought along side this race. Now, the dragons are nearly extinct and the kingdom of shallam is at war. Soldiers are coming ...more
chapter 1: prologue (added 2011/04/08)
chapter 2: chapter 1 (added 2011/04/29)

At 9:00 am Thursday morning, the US military tore through a small town and declared sate of emergency...

Another squad of men stormed a nearby hospital building...

And now, the world is in quarantine.


chapter 1: prologue (added 2011/04/07)

The virus has moved across land at a rapid pace. The zombies have taken control, killing most of mankind. But the last surviving ninety percent have divided themselves from one another: creating diffe ...more
chapter 1: prologue (added 2011/04/04)

A strange ship has crashed landed onto the earth and a group of creatures known as the entities have come. These are alien like creatures who possess humans and use them as hosts, kinda like parasites ...more
chapter 1: prologue (added 2011/04/02)
chapter 2: one (added 2011/04/02)

Blood feud.
It has been a year since the world was nearly ended by Jimmy Norton. And now, a man has stepped out of the ashes from one of the safe zones and is about to create army, begin to rebuild. His plan is s ...more
chapter 1: prologue (added 2011/04/09)
chapter 2: PART 1: invader (added 2011/04/23)

It all starts in a government research base. A boy is taken from his family and hooked up to monitors, the soldiers trying to create him to be a super soldier, new to the field. But he escapes. Now th ...more
chapter 1: prologue (added 2011/03/26)

end of the world
The Mayan Calender has predicted the world to end on December 21 2012. Now it is on December 20th 2012 and tensions are rising. People are preparing for the end of the world, masses are gathering and ...more
chapter 1: PART 1 Chaos (added 2011/02/13)

The Lost
There is one boy.

One world.

And on one fateful day hes about to lose it all forever.

chapter 1: blood in the sand (added 2011/02/12)

The world is in shambles. Gas prices are up higher then ever; 7 dollars a gallon, the most its ever been. The stock market is slowly going down.

The world is also ending. People are beginning to get mi

chapter 1: Part 1: injection (added 2011/03/28)

It all begins with a simple case of influenza. One person dead...
...then fifty...
...and even one thousand...who knew one case of the flu could turn the world upside down?

chapter 1: prologue (added 2011/01/10)
chapter 2: chapter 1 spread (added 2011/01/16)

glassbreaker code
It all starts when 30 year old Cale Thompson infiltrates a highly guarded military facility in search of The Crystal of Power. It can be used to hack into all the electrical segments in the worlds pow ...more
chapter 1: prologue (added 2011/01/01)
chapter 2: chapter 1 (added 2011/01/02)
chapter 3: chapter 2 (added 2011/01/03)

apocalypse (until i can think of better title)
It is the New Years eve party in New York city. Everyone is enjoying themselves. But deep underground something evil is brewing. A dark creature is being risen, bred, trained to attack the city.


chapter 1: prologue (added 2010/12/31)
chapter 2: Chapter 1 (added 2011/01/01)
chapter 3: chapter 2 (added 2011/02/05)

missing souls
Seventeen year old Linda Marks is not a normal teenager, she is a soul seer, the last of their kind. She can see the souls of the dead, possess living peoples souls. She is also part of the Legion of ...more
chapter 1: prologue (added 2010/12/24)
chapter 2: chapter 1 (added 2011/09/06)
chapter 3: chapter 2 (added 2010/12/24)
chapter 4: chapter 3 (added 2010/12/25)
chapter 5: chapter 4 (added 2010/12/26)
chapter 6: chapter 5 (added 2010/12/26)
chapter 7: chapter 6 (added 2010/12/28)
chapter 8: chapter 7 (added 2011/01/07)

I am writing this story for a school short story. It is a really short horror thing.
chapter 1: short story (added 2011/03/03)

It all started out with a cop in Illinois. And now, the bombs begin to drop and the assault commences. Now, the world is under the control of a new president, Jimmy Norton, who thinks power will make ...more
chapter 1: prologue (added 2010/11/24)
chapter 2: TWO (added 2010/09/18)
chapter 3: THREE (added 2010/09/18)
chapter 4: PART 1 (added 2011/01/01)
chapter 5: PART 2 (added 2010/10/09)
chapter 6: PART 3 (added 2010/12/15)
chapter 7: PART 4 (added 2011/02/02)
chapter 8: PART 5 (added 2011/03/24)
chapter 9: PART 6: showdown (added 2011/03/31)