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Renegade explores the history of one of the most daring and dangerous pirates to sail the Mediterranean Sea in the 17th century. In the summer of 1631, Barbary raiders kidnapped hundreds of people fro ...more
chapter 1: Chapter One – The Village, Baltimore, West Cork, Ireland – June 1631 (added 2011/02/27)
chapter 2: Chapter Four – The Grand Admiral of Algiers, Algiers, Algeria - July 1631 (added 2011/02/27)

The Burning Candle
When Isobel de Vermandois weds Robert the Comte de Meulan, hero of the Battle of Hastings, she never imagines William de Warenne, Earl of Surrey will change her life.

chapter 1: PART I: Chapter One – Blood Moon, Crépy-en-Valois, France – February 1096 (added 2011/02/27)
chapter 2: Chapter Eleven, Parting - Vatteville, Normandy – November 1100 (added 2011/03/07)

Rule of Love
In northern India at the height of the Gupta Empire, the noble student Vatsyayana travels to the sacred city of Kausambi, in fulfillment of his dying father’s final wish. The courtesan Chandi awaits h ...more
chapter 1: Chapter 1 (added 2011/02/03)

Sultana's Legacy
Set in medieval southern Spain during the turbulent reign of the last Moorish dynasty. The peace and prosperity of Fatima and Faraj's life is shattered when war and internal conflicts again threatens ...more
chapter 1: Chapter 3 (added 2011/02/03)
chapter 2: Chapter 15 (added 2011/02/03)

In thirteenth-century Moorish Spain, the realm of Granada is in crisis. The marriage of a child-bride Fatima, granddaughter of the Sultan of Granada, and the Sultan’s nephew Faraj, has fractured the n ...more
chapter 1: Chapter 1 (added 2011/02/03)
chapter 2: Chapter 1 (CONT.) (added 2011/02/03)
chapter 3: Chapter 11 (added 2011/02/03)
chapter 4: Chapter 25 (added 2011/02/03)

On Falcon's Wings
Love united them. Destiny drove them apart.

When Avicia, a Norman noblewoman, makes a careless but costly mistake with a prized falcon, the brutal punishment nearly claims her life. Her Saxon lover, Ed

chapter 1: Part I - Chapter 1: Lille, Flanders - April 1048 CE (added 2010/08/06)
chapter 2: Part II - Chapter 15: Kingsholm, Gloucester, England - September 1051 CE (added 2010/09/14)