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Destiny's Bottles
When Vy finds a doorway to Fortuna, her life changes. Vy Mallette was an ordinary girl. Her best friend, Jean-Luc, has a genetic disorder that keeps his blood from clotting. When Vy is in Fortuna she ...more
chapter 1: Destiny's Bottles (added 2011/12/14)

Five Identities
When the kids of StarStruck Labs see Ne-Too for the first time, they feel sorry for him. What they don't know is he can give them some thing they've long wanted but never hoped for, freedom. Soon they ...more
chapter 1: Chapter One (added 2011/06/20)

Twintle Academy
Twintle Academy. The school for the teaching, learning, and education of twins. At least thats what Leon and Noel are told, who arrive here after their parents are murdered. Here they meet twins who a ...more
chapter 1: Noel (added 2011/02/06)

The Autumn Heart
In the future everyone lives simpily.In the comunity of Valeddaledda that means the witchans and scorserens are in charge .But for Lyritta it finely the day when she gets her assignment.
chapter 1: Chapter 1( unfinished) (added 2011/07/22)

Before the Crown
Every thing changed when we were attacked. Our festivals were banned. Our language almost forgotten. Our money worthless. Our culture fading out of existance. But none of these things completely left ...more
chapter 1: Only The Beginning (added 2011/03/16)
chapter 2: Chapter 1 (added 2011/06/03)

My Life
A book of random poems.
chapter 1: Fear (added 2010/06/22)
chapter 2: Sunset (added 2010/07/22)
chapter 3: Apollo and Artemis (added 2010/07/29)
chapter 4: Storm (added 2011/04/28)
chapter 5: La Lune (added 2011/04/28)
chapter 6: The Tree (added 2011/04/28)
chapter 7: Autumn Leaf (added 2011/04/28)
chapter 8: Wishing Star (added 2011/04/28)
chapter 9: The End (added 2011/04/28)
chapter 10: Fairy Tale (added 2011/04/28)