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Fanfiction, short stories, and single chapter works.
So, yes, here are the random short stories and fan fictions that would simply clutter up all of my space if I gave them each their own topic...writing...thing...
chapter 1: Beautiful Darkness Fanfiction (Lena's POV. Note: UNFINISHED) (added 2011/03/13)
chapter 2: Not Real: A Hunger Games Fanfiction (added 2011/03/13)
chapter 3: The Changeling (added 2011/03/16)
chapter 4: Waking Up (A Chaos Walking fanfic) (added 2011/03/16)

Go To Sleep
Clarissa had a normal life. She had normal parents, normal siblings, normal friends.

But not normal dreams.

Her dreams give off what her government calls "Essance", a super powerful pull that keeps her

chapter 1: Chapter 1 (added 2011/01/30)
chapter 2: Chapter 2 (added 2011/03/21)
chapter 3: Chapter 3 (added 2011/03/21)
chapter 4: Chapter 4 (added 2011/03/25)

Time and Time Again
When Rose lost her mother, she was devastated. Now, ten years later, her father barely knows her, her best friend lives in North Carolina, and her grandmother is attempting to become closer to her by ...more
chapter 1: Notes From The Author (added 2010/12/06)
chapter 2: Prologue (added 2010/12/06)
chapter 3: Chapter 1- Remembrance (added 2010/12/06)
chapter 4: Chapter 2- When You Think You Know It All, Keep Looking (added 2010/12/06)
chapter 5: Chapter 3- The Night Is As Dark As Dark (added 2010/12/06)
chapter 6: Chapter 4: Questioning (added 2010/12/06)
chapter 7: Chapter 5: Why Does It Have To Be Anyone (added 2010/12/06)
chapter 8: Chapter 6: Thinking Is More Than Speaking (added 2010/12/06)

Short story (I don't know what it's about yet, so how can I name it?)
i'm just gonna sort of go with the flow of my imagination on this one. All i know is that it's going to be interesting.
chapter 1: The First (added 2010/09/02)
chapter 2: Here comes the storm... (added 2010/09/02)

When i have feelings i need to let out, i write poetry. So here it is.
chapter 1: Love (added 2010/08/04)
chapter 2: Fairy Tales (added 2010/08/06)
chapter 3: Dream (added 2010/08/09)
chapter 4: Judgement (added 2010/10/27)

The Glass Shard
This is a book i am attempting to write about a world where Wyzards see humans as inferior and try to kill them off, and a few brave people decide to fight back.
chapter 1: Prologue (added 2010/07/11)
chapter 2: Chapter 1: Katara (added 2010/07/11)
chapter 3: Chapter 2: Ayara (added 2010/07/12)
chapter 4: Chapter 3: Sethiros (added 2010/07/12)
chapter 5: Chapter 4: Katara (added 2010/07/12)