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Paris Without End
My Interview with Author Gioia Diliberto
chapter 1: My interview with author Gioia Diliberto (added 2012/03/20)

A Rainy Day
I wrote this one-act play for a theater assingment in college in 1998. I thought I had lost it forever until discovering it in a box buried in my garage! I have not changed any of the content from the ...more
chapter 1: A Rainy Day: A Play in One Act by Julie Nelson (Merilatt) (added 2011/08/26)

After Thoughts Cafe 2
My interview with Christopher Alexander Hall, the talented young author of After Thoughts Cafe, Wanted For Murder! and After Thoughts Cafe 2.
chapter 1: Interview with Chris Hall (added 2011/06/01)

Annual Reads
What books I've read over the course of a year.
chapter 1: 2008 (82) (added 2010/12/31)
chapter 2: 2009 (81) (added 2010/12/31)
chapter 3: 2010 (89) (added 2010/12/31)
chapter 4: 2011 (88) (added 2012/01/03)
chapter 5: 2012 (85) (added 2013/02/01)
chapter 6: 2013 (92) (added 2015/12/22)
chapter 7: 2014 (103) (added 2015/12/22)
chapter 8: 2015 (100) (added 2016/01/06)

Ken Follett's Publisher Sparks Controversy
Commentary on Hardcover vs. Kindle pricing
chapter 1: My Two Cents (added 2010/11/24)

Hidden Wives
My interview with Mari Hilburn and Michelle Poche, who wrote Hidden Wives as Claire Avery
chapter 1: Interview with "Claire Avery" (added 2010/06/15)

Alice I Have Been
My interview with Melanie Benjamin, author of Alice I Have Been
chapter 1: Interview with Melanie Benjamin (added 2010/05/25)

War and Peace
An essay about my experience reading War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy
chapter 1: A Month with Leo (added 2010/05/25)