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Bonus Epilogue for Black John
John and Galen return to John's house after Galen surprises John in the park-- what now?
chapter 1: Lovers and Soulless Redheads (added 2015/02/09)

Cheap Sunglasses
This is an addendum to Whiskey and Patrick in Clear Water.
chapter 1: Cheap Sunglasses (added 2014/12/13)

If I Must Grow Older
This is a follow up story to my first Christmas story with Dreamspinner Press, "If I Must"
chapter 1: If I Must Grow Older (added 2014/12/13)

A short, happy fic about a kingdom far away
The title says it all.
chapter 1: A short, happy fic about dragons. (added 2014/05/24)
chapter 2: A short, happy fic about a cat and his boy (added 2014/05/25)

When the Sea and Sky Turn to Blood
A fable-- a story of the elements of fire, ice, hate and love, and how they exploded on the horizon of the sea. This story first appeared on Cup o Porn for free, and I thought I'd post it here as well ...more
chapter 1: One Chapter (added 2013/06/29)

Xan and Chris Valentine Short
This is the Valentine Short that features Chris and Xan from The Locker Room
chapter 1: Valentines Day (added 2013/06/23)
chapter 2: Grace (added 2014/12/13)

Winter's Night With You
This is a Jeremy/Aiden excerpt, sort of a drabble to hold us over before their next book.
chapter 1: On this Winter Night With You (added 2013/06/17)

Oh, the Orifices You'll Go
A REALLY REALLY FILTHY and comic poem about the orifices you'll go!
chapter 1: Oh, the Orifices You'll Go (added 2013/04/05)

This is a brief Dex/Kane interlude that was originally posted on Mary Calmes's blog.
chapter 1: Twofer (added 2013/04/02)
chapter 2: Turtle Porn-- take 1 (added 2013/12/27)
chapter 3: Turtle Porn--Take 2, Sugar added (added 2013/12/27)
chapter 4: Sick Day (added 2013/12/27)
chapter 5: And Dex and Kane Introduce (added 2014/01/07)
chapter 6: Wake Me Up (added 2014/09/10)
chapter 7: Beginnings (added 2014/12/05)
chapter 8: Santa Turtle With a Flower (added 2015/12/14)

Mikhail Interviews Crick
This interview was originally done for Mrs. Condit's book blog. It features Mikhail and Crick from The Promises series, interviewing each other about life and everything.
chapter 1: Mikhail Interviews Crick (added 2013/04/02)

Blackbird Singing in the Dead of Night
This is Jeremy's first night home from the hospital following the events of Knitter in his Natural Habitat. I may or may not use this in the follow up book, The Naked Alpaca Hats Band.
chapter 1: Blackbird Singing in the Dead of Night (added 2012/11/28)

Rance and Ben have a moment that may lead to a moment:-)
chapter 1: Gifts (added 2012/05/11)

Of Elves and Dreams
A brief glimpse into some of the complications of Cory's pregnancy
chapter 1: Of Elves and Dreams (added 2012/05/11)

Like a God
A brief interlude between Deacon and Crick, showing Crick is still a little anxious about Deacon after his surgery.
chapter 1: LIke a God (added 2012/05/11)

The Secret
This is an interlude from Living Promises--it's sort of between the action that actually happens in the book, and it hints at a secret that Deacon and Crick are reluctant to share with their family. T ...more
chapter 1: The Secret (added 2011/01/05)

This happens shortly after "Being" and it's an observed Cory Bracken interlude, and then, in chapter 2, a Katy-less interlude between Jack and Teague. WARNING: This gives SPOILERS for the end of Rampa ...more
chapter 1: Taking (added 2010/08/12)
chapter 2: Don't Stop (added 2010/08/13)

Bracken: Sharing
This is a short bit highlighting Bracken's memories of Adrian and his absolute love of Cory in the present. It is VERY VERY explicit. Be warned.
chapter 1: Bracken: Sharing (added 2010/06/03)