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Tainted Wood
A short story about a troubled woodsman and his desire to live a simpler life - only to find that such a return might not be possible.
chapter 1: The Taint (added 2011/07/23)
chapter 2: The Fire (added 2011/07/23)

Jack and the Beanstalk, circa 2010
A fresh take on the Jake and the Beanstalk classic, written for an Anthology published by Excessica Publishing. This is not the sort of story you'd read to a young child before bed.
chapter 1: Jack and the Beanstalk, circa 2010 (added 2011/06/30)

Sex Sells
Rodney has the ethics of an ice cube. Thoughtless and unconcerned about the people around him, he seeks the path of least resistance through life. This leads him to make a living preying off of innoce ...more
chapter 1: Sample (added 2011/06/30)

Voidhawk - Redemption
Having left the ship and crew behind, Rosh has spent years alone in the void, working for the highest bidder. Plagued by memories of his former friends, lessons learned, and loves lost the cursed warr ...more
chapter 1: Sample (added 2011/06/29)

Voidhawk - The Elder Race
The elves are back, and this time they have no interest in taking prisoners. Escape seems impossible until Dexter Silvercloud and his crew discovers an ancient secret long hidden by the elves. Invokin ...more
chapter 1: Fight or Flight (added 2011/06/29)

Voidhawk chronicles the adventures of a man who seeks the things that many of us want most in life: independence and freedom. Set in an atmosphere that spans science fiction and fantasy genres, Dexter ...more
chapter 1: Voidhawk (added 2011/06/29)