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Y. O. L. O.
I'm a ticking bomb.
And once I explode, I will take the whole world along with me.
I will not be The Girl who Sadly Died of Cancer.
I will be The Girl who Lived Life to the Full.

Y. O. L. O. – what a fa

chapter 1: GO TO: (added 2012/07/12)

I'm in Love with My Uncle
‘What’s wrong with me?
I'm not supposed to feel this way.’

You think there’s something wrong with you?
At least you’re not in love with your uncle.

chapter 1: GO TO: (added 2012/06/28)

Dear Days
Some of my friends are doing it and it looked like fun so I decided to give it a go instead of talking to myself about it or something like that!!

chapter 1: The Days (added 2011/11/25)
chapter 2: Letter To My Best Friends (added 2011/06/21)
chapter 3: Letter To My Crush (added 2011/06/21)
chapter 4: Letter To My Parents (added 2011/06/21)
chapter 5: Letter To My Closest Relative (added 2011/06/25)
chapter 6: Letter To My Dreams (added 2011/10/03)
chapter 7: Letter To A Stranger (added 2011/10/03)
chapter 8: Letter To My Ex-Boyfriend (added 2011/10/03)
chapter 9: Letter To My Internet Friend(s) (added 2011/10/03)
chapter 10: Letter To Someone I Wish I Could Meet (added 2011/10/19)
chapter 11: Someone I Don't Talk to as Much as I'd Like (added 2011/11/10)
chapter 12: A Deceased Person I Wish I Could Talk To (added 2011/11/24)
chapter 13: The Person I Hate Most/Caused Me A Lot Of Pain (added 2011/11/25)