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Invaded by the Dark {Sequel to Waiting in the Dark}
Sequel to Waiting in the Dark, this is in Gabriel's POV.

Finding her was simple. Keeping her wasn't. As more and more dark poured into my soul I could feel her slipping away. Bree, the sun of all my mo

chapter 1: Prolouge (Preview) (added 2012/04/30)
chapter 2: Pillows (added 2012/04/30)
chapter 3: Where's The Baby (added 2012/05/01)
chapter 4: No (added 2012/05/15)
chapter 5: Release {Unfinished} (added 2012/12/12)

The Boy in My Heart
Sequel to "The Girl in the Mask"

[Description to come]

chapter 1: Car Crash (added 2012/03/16)

Heres the short story I have to write for my english class and also it was made especially for a cover by Marie (Emmel Blaq)
chapter 1: Rebirth (added 2012/03/27)

(a/n think I'll change the title)
She came out of nowhere. Anthony's old crush. And she's not just a little girl anymore. She's a gang leader, like him. But why now and why here? Will he discover her s

chapter 1: ★ Blaze (added 2011/12/27)
chapter 2: ☆ Anthony (added 2011/12/27)
chapter 3: ★ Blaze (added 2011/12/27)
chapter 4: ☆ Anthony (added 2011/12/28)
chapter 5: Blaze (added 2012/03/13)
chapter 6: Anthony {Unfinished} (added 2012/12/12)

Roses Left to Die
Roses. Left on Julie's step. How romantic? Wrong. One touch of the roses and she becomes bound. So she leaves them to die, but as roses keep coming her temptation grows. Until there is no rose. Not ly ...more
chapter 1: The First Rose (added 2011/12/04)
chapter 2: Second Rose (added 2011/12/07)
chapter 3: Throw throw throw them away (added 2011/12/23)
chapter 4: Temptation of the Peach Rose (added 2012/02/06)
chapter 5: Later (added 2012/03/14)

Twisted Reality
Emmel's and Belle's new story:

Trailer: https://www.facebook.com/video/video....

Lyric Banes is already having a troubled life, what with the recent death of her mother, her dangerous father and the pol

chapter 1: Prolouge (Preview) (added 2012/05/03)
chapter 2: Chapter 1 (added 2011/12/11)

Falling to Pieces {Book Two Completed}
~~Sequel to "Rejected!"~~ Fate has brought Lexi and Alex together no matter how hard it is for them to accept it. Lexi now a badass fighter with her newfound pack. And Alex an alpha who doesn't let an ...more
chapter 1: Alex (added 2011/12/02)
chapter 2: Lexi (added 2011/12/03)
chapter 3: Alex (added 2011/12/03)
chapter 4: Lexi (added 2011/12/03)
chapter 5: Alex (added 2011/12/03)
chapter 6: Lexi (added 2011/12/03)
chapter 7: Alex (added 2011/12/16)
chapter 8: Mixed POVS (added 2011/12/18)
chapter 9: Lexi (added 2011/12/23)
chapter 10: Alex (added 2011/12/23)
chapter 11: Lexi (added 2011/12/23)
chapter 12: Alex (added 2011/12/28)
chapter 13: Lexi (added 2012/03/22)
chapter 14: Alex (added 2012/03/22)
chapter 15: Lexi (added 2012/03/22)
chapter 16: Alex (added 2012/03/22)
chapter 17: Mixed POVS (added 2012/03/22)

Rejected: Another Were Story {Book 1.5}
~~Side story with Rejected!~~
chapter 1: This Story is Mine (added 2011/11/28)
chapter 2: The Shift (added 2011/11/29)
chapter 3: Waking Up to Reality (added 2011/12/10)

Mates Equates Love....Right?
Leo rejected Rue because she was human.

Rue was picked on because of Leo.

The Queen made Rue as she is.

And their destinies are inseparable to begin.

chapter 1: Rue -1- (added 2011/11/27)
chapter 2: Leo -1- (added 2011/11/27)
chapter 3: Rue -2- (added 2011/11/27)
chapter 4: Leo -2- (added 2011/11/27)
chapter 5: Rue -3- (added 2012/02/16)

REJECTED! {Book One Completed}
Lex (Lexi) was REJECTED! REJECTED by HER MATE! No she couldn't of guessed it would be the very person who teased her the most. The one who always, ALWAYS had a snide comment or remark on her weight. B ...more
chapter 1: Lexi-1 (added 2011/11/27)
chapter 2: Lexi-2 (added 2011/11/26)
chapter 3: Lexi-3 (added 2011/11/26)
chapter 4: Liam-1 (added 2011/11/26)
chapter 5: Liam-2 (added 2011/11/26)
chapter 6: Liam-3 (added 2011/11/26)
chapter 7: Alex-1 (added 2011/11/26)
chapter 8: Alex-2 (added 2011/11/26)
chapter 9: Alex-3 (added 2011/11/26)
chapter 10: Lexi-4 (added 2011/11/26)
chapter 11: Lexi-5 (added 2011/11/27)
chapter 12: Lexi-6 (added 2011/11/27)
chapter 13: Alex-4 (added 2011/11/27)
chapter 14: Alex-5 (added 2011/11/27)
chapter 15: Alex-6 (added 2011/11/27)
chapter 16: Emile-1 (added 2011/11/27)
chapter 17: Emile-2 (added 2011/11/27)
chapter 18: Emile-3 (added 2011/11/27)
chapter 19: Ben-1 (added 2011/11/27)
chapter 20: Ben-2 (added 2011/11/27)
chapter 21: Ben-3 (added 2011/11/27)
chapter 22: Lexi-7 (added 2011/11/27)
chapter 23: Lexi-8 (added 2011/11/27)
chapter 24: Lexi-9 (added 2011/11/27)
chapter 25: Alex-7 (added 2011/11/27)
chapter 26: Alex-8 (added 2011/11/27)
chapter 27: Alex-9 (added 2011/11/27)
chapter 28: Emile-4 (added 2011/11/27)
chapter 29: Emile-5 (added 2011/11/27)
chapter 30: Emile-6 (added 2011/11/27)
chapter 31: Liam-4 (added 2011/11/27)
chapter 32: Liam-5 (added 2011/11/28)
chapter 33: Liam-6 (added 2011/11/28)
chapter 34: Alex-10 (added 2011/11/28)
chapter 35: Alex-11 (added 2011/11/28)
chapter 36: Alex-12 (added 2011/11/29)
chapter 37: Lexi-10 (added 2011/12/02)

21 Days of Waiting
Shawn's best friend Rachel has been through the impossible; thing is according to Rach she was next. Shawn waits and waits, but everythings the same. Until everythings--just not.

chapter 1: Prolouge (added 2011/11/08)
chapter 2: Day 1 (added 2011/11/09)
chapter 3: Day 2 (added 2011/11/09)
chapter 4: Day 3 (added 2011/11/10)
chapter 5: Rachel (added 2011/11/10)
chapter 6: Day 4 (added 2013/06/22)
chapter 7: Day 5 (added 2013/06/22)

She Fell, For Me
She fell, for me.

This story is currently in the progress of being rewritten, and updated. This will be the first of many of the reworks I will do among all my stories. They will be edited, deleted, or

chapter 1: Prologue * (added 2015/02/01)
chapter 2: 1 (In progress) (added 2015/02/01)
chapter 3: 2 (added 2011/10/27)
chapter 4: 3 (added 2011/11/19)

That was Then, This is Now
I wasn't picked on by the mean girls, I wasn't shunned by the rejects. I was me, Haley Grey. That was THEN, This is NOW.
chapter 1: Genesis Project 1 (added 2011/10/19)
chapter 2: Haley Grey- Then 1 (added 2011/10/19)
chapter 3: Haley Grey- Then 2 (added 2011/10/24)

Julia knows one thing for certain; something isn't right. Her best friend is acting paranoid, her father is missing, and impossible changes are coming quickly onto her sister. What will Julia do, whe ...more
chapter 1: This Isn't Over (added 2011/10/07)
chapter 2: Home Coming Welcome (added 2011/10/07)
chapter 3: Going Through Changes (added 2011/10/07)
chapter 4: Everyone Knew, But Me (added 2011/10/10)

The Girl in the Mask {Completed}
Jack was popular; but after his date walked out from prom 4 years ago, he's never been the same. He still looks for her, the girl in the mask. But the chance of finding her is growing dimmer with eac ...more
chapter 1: Mira's Back (added 2011/10/06)
chapter 2: If There's Smoke, There's Fire (added 2011/10/06)
chapter 3: You Don't Have To (added 2011/10/09)
chapter 4: Winter Dance and Mira (added 2011/10/12)
chapter 5: Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace (added 2011/10/15)
chapter 6: Still (added 2011/10/16)
chapter 7: Detention Among Other Things (added 2011/10/18)
chapter 8: Mum's the Word (added 2011/11/10)
chapter 9: Good to See You Again (added 2011/11/12)
chapter 10: The Girl in the Mask (added 2011/11/13)
chapter 11: Don't Ever Use Never (added 2011/11/15)
chapter 12: Road Block (added 2011/11/16)
chapter 13: I'm Not Bullet Proof, Tell Me the Truth (added 2011/11/17)
chapter 14: I Accept Her (added 2011/11/19)
chapter 15: Epilouge (added 2011/11/21)

Concealed Beauty
Daniella ALWAYS wears her hood, hiding herself. Nick is new, and when he sees Daniella, his curiosity is piqued. He HAS to see what she looks like, but everyone has secrets, and Daniella's is about to ...more
chapter 1: Chapter 1 (added 2011/10/04)
chapter 2: Chapter 2 (added 2011/10/04)
chapter 3: Chapter 3 (added 2011/10/04)
chapter 4: Chapter 4 (added 2011/10/07)
chapter 5: Chapter 5 (added 2011/10/08)
chapter 6: Chapter 6 (added 2011/10/10)
chapter 7: Chapter 7 (added 2011/10/16)
chapter 8: Chapter 8 (added 2011/11/19)
chapter 9: Chapter 9 (added 2011/11/28)

Without Words
Micayla was born different, she was born deaf. Not being able to hear anything, everything was noiseless, mute. Without sound, and when Micayla turned fifteen she lost her sight. Now she couldn't even ...more
chapter 1: Maggie's Coming (added 2011/10/03)
chapter 2: Don't Have to Do it : Maggie's POV (added 2011/10/14)

London, Mine
Ella Blake loved her London, the very essence of it! She would do anything to find someone who saw the true beauty of it too! So when her unruly cousin from America comes, and with an "acquaintance" w ...more
chapter 1: Mum's Home (added 2011/09/23)
chapter 2: China Boulevard on the River (added 2011/09/24)
chapter 3: Chills (added 2011/10/03)
chapter 4: You're in Trouble Now (added 2011/10/14)
chapter 5: Good Old London (added 2011/11/10)
chapter 6: ALL so worried (added 2011/11/19)
chapter 7: Jackie, Danielle, and Me (added 2011/11/26)
chapter 8: Embraced (added 2012/02/16)
chapter 9: School (added 2012/06/02)

The Masked One
"The Masked One," is the myth of Ar Cena, the reason tourists from all around the world come. They believe she is powerful and fierce, dark and silent. They believe she is their protector. The soul of ...more
chapter 1: ARCH (Ar Cena High Newspaper) (added 2011/09/16)
chapter 2: Sam (added 2011/09/19)
chapter 3: If You Just Realize (added 2011/11/22)

Ultra Violet
Unseen, unheard, not cared for. That's what we are Ultra Violets, but that is going to change, there will be a war again, and this time the Norwesters are going to win.

(If you don't understand please

chapter 1: Violet (added 2011/09/14)
chapter 2: Elena, mine (added 2011/09/18)

Hate me, but Never Love me
Kylee Thompson has one rule between her and other people. Hate her, but never love her. Pop star Kevin West doesn't know this though and when he comes to town trying to be an average student.......wel ...more
chapter 1: KYLEE POV: Loved and Lost (added 2011/09/07)
chapter 2: KEVIN POV: Paparazzi Get in the Way (added 2011/09/07)
chapter 3: KYLEE: Therapy is a R.I.P. (added 2011/09/08)
chapter 4: KEVIN: Bros (added 2011/09/08)
chapter 5: KYLEE: What Do You Want? (added 2011/09/09)
chapter 6: KEVIN: Truth's Out (added 2011/09/11)
chapter 7: KYLEE: Interrupted (added 2011/10/24)
chapter 8: KEVIN: Idiot (added 2011/11/19)
chapter 9: KYLEE: Realisations (added 2011/12/27)
chapter 10: KEVIN: Hazy (added 2011/12/27)
chapter 11: KYLEE: Pleading For My Virginity (added 2012/02/16)

Waiting in the Dark {Completed}
When Bree Caden ended up in Newport, CT she felt nothing, not even when some guys kidnapped her. Now living her life in captivity she still doesn't feel anything, not when they beat her or rape her. T ...more
chapter 1: Emptiness (added 2011/09/02)
chapter 2: Newport (added 2011/09/02)
chapter 3: TAKEN, by surprise (added 2011/09/02)
chapter 4: I'm not REGULAR anymore (added 2011/09/02)
chapter 5: S-L-U-T, yes that WAS me (added 2011/09/03)
chapter 6: Waking up, Always the hardest part (added 2011/09/03)
chapter 7: Questions (added 2011/09/03)
chapter 8: The Bastard (added 2011/10/28)
chapter 9: Ninja Me, NOT (added 2012/02/08)
chapter 10: Preview (added 2012/02/08)

That Summer
It was that summer that I surfed again, that summer that a new girl moved in, that summer I had fun again, and that summer that I fell in love.
chapter 1: Prolouge: Big Waves Coming Your Way (added 2011/09/01)
chapter 2: New Girl (added 2011/09/01)
chapter 3: Carmen POV: Surfer (added 2011/09/01)
chapter 4: Surfer girl, Carmen? (added 2011/09/02)
chapter 5: Kiko Cove...Wrong Move (added 2011/09/02)
chapter 6: Disappearing Act (added 2011/09/02)
chapter 7: Jason POV: Something's Up, and it's Not the Sky (added 2011/09/02)
chapter 8: Just Cry (added 2011/09/18)
chapter 9: The Seahorse Bracelet (added 2011/09/18)
chapter 10: Carmen POV: Except For Now (added 2011/09/21)
chapter 11: Ducks, Strings, And Other Things {Unfinished} (added 2011/10/19)

Cloaked in the Dark
Hidden. Unseen. CLOAKED from sight, sound, and touch. Cursed to be in the dark, consumed by it. Waiting for the light, but none ever comes. Until Connor that is.
chapter 1: Chapter 1 (added 2011/08/25)
chapter 2: Chapter 2 (added 2011/08/30)

Not Quite the Same
Mercedes Adele is a shapeshifter, she can turn into a coyote, she's tough. When a series of strange events happens though, is she tough enough to face the past? Based off of the mercy thompson series.
chapter 1: Chapter 1 (added 2011/08/24)
chapter 2: Chapter 2 (added 2011/08/24)
chapter 3: Chapter 3 (added 2011/08/29)
chapter 4: Chapter 4 (added 2011/08/29)
chapter 5: Chapter 5 (added 2011/08/30)
chapter 6: Chapter 6 (added 2012/03/17)
chapter 7: Chapter 7 (added 2012/03/22)

Uncontrolled flames
Ashline has always felt like a misfit, always the outsider in her small town of Afton. Never fitting in, never understood, except by her friend Helen. Then she saw him, the student who gave up his Cal ...more
chapter 1: The Spark (added 2011/08/21)
chapter 2: The Flame Appears (added 2011/08/28)
chapter 3: Visions of Fire (added 2011/08/22)
chapter 4: Dreams that weren't Suppose to Be (added 2011/08/22)
chapter 5: Taking Flight (added 2011/08/30)
chapter 6: Introductions (added 2011/08/30)
chapter 7: Reproductions Ceremony, yes you heard RIGHT (added 2011/08/30)
chapter 8: The Sacred Mark (added 2011/08/30)
chapter 9: The Eternal Ball (added 2011/08/30)
chapter 10: Jokes on Me Again (added 2011/08/30)
chapter 11: Waking Up (added 2011/09/16)
chapter 12: First Lesson {Unfinished} (added 2011/09/20)

The Secret Destiny {Completed}
After her father (a faerie rogue) fades into nothing, she was forced to be on her own in the middle of an upcoming battle, until an unknown faerie saves her and takes her in. When the faerie's identit ...more
chapter 1: Prolouge (added 2011/08/21)
chapter 2: Normal is Out the Window (added 2011/08/24)
chapter 3: You're in Minnesota Now (added 2011/08/24)
chapter 4: Drowning in Sadness (added 2011/08/21)
chapter 5: Cleaning up a Mess (added 2011/08/22)
chapter 6: The Strange Faeries (added 2011/08/22)
chapter 7: Mending Them Together and Tearing Them Apart (added 2011/08/22)
chapter 8: Surprises Come at the Most Unexpected Times (added 2011/08/29)
chapter 9: Ever Shine Some Light on a Situation (added 2011/08/29)
chapter 10: Mount Angela (added 2011/09/02)
chapter 11: Staying (added 2011/09/18)
chapter 12: I Love.... (added 2011/09/18)
chapter 13: Court Attack, Left and Right (added 2011/09/18)
chapter 14: Mail's Here (added 2011/09/18)
chapter 15: Welcome to Faerie (added 2012/03/13)
chapter 16: Great Hospitality (added 2012/03/13)
chapter 17: Ariel-ang (added 2012/03/13)
chapter 18: Author's Note (added 2012/03/13)