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Il ne peut pas etre aide'
This is a piece referring to things happening in my life right now and how I'm coping with it; how I come to terms with it. This is here to get it out and understand myself better.
chapter 1: bouger les chose (added 2012/01/14)
chapter 2: Maman (added 2012/06/04)
chapter 3: freak (added 2012/06/26)
chapter 4: thought (added 2012/12/26)
chapter 5: fear (added 2012/12/26)

Short tale- mythological - creation. Concerning belief, structure and human interaction.
chapter 1: To Hear The Chime of the Bangles (added 2011/07/17)

Sleeper's Prison
Hazelle Umbra, Haze for short, lives in constant fear of what she will see when she closes her eyes; the reason being that she will see something horrible, or worse, FEEL something horrible occurring ...more
chapter 1: A paralyzing sleep (added 2011/03/18)
chapter 2: The Room (added 2011/03/23)
chapter 3: School. Crap. (added 2011/03/26)
chapter 4: Catatonically Learning (added 2011/03/26)
chapter 5: Rain and a Ride (added 2011/03/26)
chapter 6: Mapping Surroundings (added 2011/04/21)
chapter 7: Caught like a Deer in Headlights (added 2011/04/14)
chapter 8: Premonition (added 2011/04/15)
chapter 9: Connections (added 2011/04/15)
chapter 10: Tongue-Tied (added 2012/08/17)
chapter 11: Continuation (added 2011/04/21)
chapter 12: Stupid Sling (added 2011/04/25)
chapter 13: Thoughtful processes (added 2011/04/24)
chapter 14: Decision and Anxiety (added 2011/05/03)
chapter 15: Forging on (added 2012/04/08)
chapter 16: Blanket Effect (added 2012/06/04)
chapter 17: Bookish (added 2012/08/17)
chapter 18: Incomparable (added 2012/09/17)
chapter 19: Yeah, that's me (added 2013/03/16)

Lunar Date
Short story about werewolves.
chapter 1: Lunar Date (added 2011/01/31)

The Trappings of Seraphim
About an angel child in an orphanage for like whose strong fate brought many troubles and meetings. Whose strong powers and traumatic experiences created two sides- The innocent mute Seraphim child, a ...more
chapter 1: Quiet Conduct (added 2010/07/28)
chapter 2: Melodic Fear (added 2010/07/29)
chapter 3: Interpretation (added 2010/07/29)
chapter 4: A greetings (added 2010/07/29)
chapter 5: Pre-arranged (added 2010/07/29)
chapter 6: Visitor (added 2010/07/31)
chapter 7: Commiserations (added 2010/07/31)
chapter 8: Fortnight (added 2010/08/05)
chapter 9: A Curiosity (added 2010/08/21)
chapter 10: Worrisome (added 2010/08/21)
chapter 11: Ponderings (added 2010/08/22)
chapter 12: Misgiving (added 2010/08/22)
chapter 13: Choices (added 2010/08/22)
chapter 14: Adoption (added 2010/08/22)
chapter 15: Change (added 2010/08/26)
chapter 16: Caged thoughts (added 2010/09/18)
chapter 17: Dressing (added 2010/09/29)
chapter 18: Of Consequence (added 2010/10/04)
chapter 19: Four-crossings (added 2011/02/02)
chapter 20: Jael (added 2010/10/27)
chapter 21: Supposition (added 2011/02/03)
chapter 22: To Meet (added 2011/02/08)
chapter 23: Friction and Distinction (added 2011/04/12)
chapter 24: Rapport and Rapier (added 2011/04/14)
chapter 25: Brief Comfort (added 2011/04/21)
chapter 26: Night, Love and Terror (added 2011/05/05)
chapter 27: Evre Masyn (added 2011/05/07)
chapter 28: Decision (added 2011/08/22)
chapter 29: Jaunt (added 2012/01/10)

She leaned back against the bar, lighting a clove she had slipped from her latest 'friend'. The silver lighter snicked as she flipped it open and lit up- took a deep draw that she lazily blew out. The ...more
chapter 1: The Rave (added 2010/06/23)
chapter 2: Lust (added 2010/06/23)
chapter 3: Corruption (added 2011/06/02)

Caleb is a sixteen year old kid thrown into a world he never remembers entering. Why, you ask? Because he woke up in a hospital bed a few months ago with amnesia. Better than the coma, but not by much ...more
chapter 1: As grounded as a bird with clipped wings (added 2010/05/10)
chapter 2: Yami ni Obieru Koe o Kike…<listen to the Voice when Afraid of the Dark> (added 2010/05/10)

(Read this and help me figure out a name!!!!)
Serrin had been shuffled from one relative's family to the next,tranferring to schools until the new car smell wore off for whatever family she had been dropped off at. At the last family, something h ...more
chapter 1: No Dime for You (added 2010/05/10)
chapter 2: Thumper Gains a Friend (added 2010/05/10)
chapter 3: Invading My Personal Bubble Much? (added 2010/05/10)
chapter 4: Stalker-like (added 2010/05/13)