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Drawing Inspiration
A writer draws inspiration from a visual artist.
chapter 1: Drawing Inspiration (added 2009/01/25)

Frost on the Mirror
brief reflection on history/fiction
chapter 1: Frost on the Mirror (added 2009/01/16)

Writer's Panic
Facing end-of-year writer's panic
chapter 1: Writer's Panic (added 2009/02/10)

Director's Notes on The Little Death
Comments from L. Nicol Cabe on her production at the Odd Duck Studio
chapter 1: Director's Notes on The Little Death (added 2008/10/21)

After Ike: A Shifting Landscape
When a hurricane comes, what do you save?
chapter 1: After Ike: A Shifting Landscape (added 2008/09/23)

Writing Our Fears
exploring our fears in fiction
chapter 1: Writing Our Fears (added 2008/09/02)

Bigotry Revisited
Reflections on murder in Jasper, Texas, ten years later
chapter 1: Bigotry Revisited (added 2008/10/10)

Soup & Stories
Reflections after Mother's Day
chapter 1: Soup & Stories (added 2008/05/18)

Embracing the Mess
thoughts inspired by the book A PERFECT MESS
chapter 1: Embracing the Mess (added 2008/04/14)

March ~ for my friend
poem by request
chapter 1: March (added 2008/02/26)

Girlfriends Celebrate Reading
The Girlfriend Weekend in Jefferson, Texas
chapter 1: Girlfriends Celebrate Reading (added 2008/01/25)

chapter 1: Thank-you Notes (added 2008/01/13)

Inspiration in the train station
chapter 1: Recklessly Romantic in Grand Central Station (added 2007/12/14)

Art and Pain
reflection on my daughter's accident
chapter 1: Art and Pain (added 2009/03/13)

Louisiana Book Festival 2007
a celebration of books in Baton Rouge
chapter 1: Louisiana Book Festival 2007 (added 2007/10/30)

A writer's public and private selves
chapter 1: Person/Persona (added 2007/10/27)

Literacy for Life
salvation in reading
chapter 1: Literacy for Life (added 2007/10/21)

Timeless History
reflections on historical fiction
chapter 1: Timeless History (added 2007/10/15)

Ladies in Waiting or Women of Action
comments sparked by Susan Faludi's TERROR DREAM
chapter 1: Ladies in Waiting or Women of Action (added 2007/10/05)

Coffee, Tea, or Relentlessness
recent interview
chapter 1: recent interview (added 2007/09/29)

Between the Lines
Mama's birthday
chapter 1: celebration (added 2007/09/30)

play production scheduled
chapter 1: The Little Death (added 2007/09/25)

No Pride in Prejudice
Thoughts on misogyny and homophobia
chapter 1: Reflection on Jack Holland's Book (added 2007/09/09)

Historical Novel
chapter 1: novel description (added 2007/09/09)