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2031: The Singularity Pogrom
No one really has the guts to say it, but if we could make better human beings by knowing how to add genes, why shouldn’t we?
— James Watson, Co-discoverer of the structure of DNA

chapter 1: ONE (added 2010/09/19)

Are Women Becoming Just Like Men?
It's clear, at least to me, that the two genders are moving toward each other in world view, attitude and actions.

Unholy Domain
It's 2022, a decade after a devastating computer virus was unleashed upon
America and the world. Civilization has crumbled in an economic collapse
that rivals the Great Depression of the previous cent

chapter 1: Chapter 3 (added 2008/03/28)

PeaceMaker: A Thriller
PeaceMaker, a start-at-a-dead-run science fiction thriller, is set in 2012, where software revolutionaries are pushing artificial intelligence to the brink of terrorism.

The prologue plunges software

chapter 1: Prologue (added 2007/09/06)