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The Mystery of the Lockharts.
After the death of Anale's father, she's forced to go to an orphanage where she thinks she'll be for a while, but a strange couple adopts her within a month. They take her to their ancient aristocrati ...more
chapter 1: un (added 2012/05/19)

One Bad Decision.
A harmless trip to Wal Mart turns into a promise of her father leaving her life.
chapter 1: Jello gone bad (added 2010/07/29)
chapter 2: Promise? (added 2010/07/29)

Endless Cycle
um...this is the only poetic thing you will see from me. I want your opinions :)
chapter 1: how it happens...i guess... (added 2010/06/23)

The Choice
Delia gets hit by her dad. Shes use to it. What does her mom think? Nothing, shes dead. But one night...it goes too far...
chapter 1: The incident (added 2010/12/29)
chapter 2: The funeral (added 2010/12/29)
chapter 3: The truck (added 2010/12/29)
chapter 4: The stranger (added 2010/05/30)
chapter 5: The house (added 2010/06/12)
chapter 6: The mirror (added 2010/12/29)
chapter 7: The eggs (added 2010/12/29)
chapter 8: The playground (added 2010/12/29)
chapter 9: The fountain (added 2010/12/29)
chapter 10: The memory (added 2010/07/24)
chapter 11: The roses (added 2010/08/08)
chapter 12: The beer. (added 2010/12/29)