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The Dogmen
First two chapters
chapter 1: Two chapters (added 2014/10/24)

Beckoning West II, Sioux Summer
First two Chapters of the book
chapter 1: Two chapters of Sioux Summer (added 2014/10/24)

Shadow War II, Deadly Contact chapter one
first chapter of second book
chapter 1: Chapter one (added 2012/01/22)

Review of Shadow War, By Jon Renaud
Book Review
chapter 1: Review (added 2010/06/24)

Shadow War
Chapter One
chapter 1: Chapter one (added 2010/06/01)

The Ghosts that Wander the Stream
Verse originally written to honor John Donaldson Voelker, AKA Robert Traver,{Anatomy of a Murder}an old friend. My Grandfather, and a fine outdoorsman Patrick Connelly
chapter 1: The Ghosts That Wander the Stream (added 2010/03/29)