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Falling Into Hope
A poem I wrote in class. Just about life and what it has to offer.
chapter 1: Falling Into Hope (added 2011/04/08)

The Fire
A poem I wrote during class. It's about the past few years of experience with a person that played with my feelings. I tried to put it in a metaphoric way:)
chapter 1: The Fire (added 2011/04/08)

Christoper Columbus (persuasive essay)
I had to write an essay about whether or not CC is a hero or villain, based on information. It's not special, but I wanted some opinions! I CAN'T PERSUADE WELL! hahah:)
chapter 1: Christopher Columbus (added 2010/10/21)

Ezra and The Evil Troll
just a short kids tale(:
This is written in a kind of poetic way.
Ezra goes to see the fireflies light up the night. But when she gets lost, she has no one else to call for help, except for the troll t...more

chapter 1: The Evil Troll (added 2010/06/27)