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Prose by Pansy
Random bits of prose.
chapter 1: Spring Secrets (added 2010/05/05)

One Life to Give: Background
Character profiles, plot background and random information about One Life to Give. (See "One Life to Give: Excerpts" for more.) Please review!
chapter 1: Basic Plotline for One Life to Give (added 2010/09/18)
chapter 2: Character Profile: Emma (added 2010/05/05)
chapter 3: Character Profile: Josie (added 2010/05/05)

One Life to Give: Excerpts
Part of a novel I am writing. One Life to Give is historical fiction set in the Revolutionary War. (See "One Life to Give: Background" for more information.) Please review!
chapter 1: Excerpt 1, part one (added 2010/04/04)
chapter 2: Excerpt 1, part two (added 2010/04/04)
chapter 3: Excerpt 1, part three (added 2010/04/04)
chapter 4: Excerpt 2, part one (added 2010/09/23)
chapter 5: Excerpt 2, part two (added 2010/09/23)

Poetry by Pansy
Random bits of poetry...enjoy!
chapter 1: Horse's Eye (added 2010/03/16)
chapter 2: Who am I? (added 2010/05/05)
chapter 3: Defeat of the Assyrians (added 2010/05/05)
chapter 4: The Eternal Promise ~ from One Life to Give (added 2010/05/05)
chapter 5: At the Beach (added 2010/05/05)
chapter 6: JoJo, My Little Sister (added 2010/05/05)
chapter 7: Sweet Spring Snow (added 2010/05/05)
chapter 8: On a Sunday (added 2010/05/05)