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Ridiculous Poirot fanfiction
Basically, I picked up a dictionary, started looking up random words, and wrote this Hercule Poirot fanfiction, while trying to build my vocabulary.
chapter 1: It begins! (added 2013/03/31)

more ymca observations
chapter 1: 2 (added 2011/05/12)

25 most random YMCA observations
The most random observations you will encounter about visiting the gym.
chapter 1: 25 most random YMCA observations (added 2011/01/26)

My Nook Battle
A girl battles a nook.
chapter 1: Nook Goes Bad (added 2011/01/09)

Pie rot? A thousand ways to kill Poirot's name
A girl tries to butcher Hercule Poirot's name
chapter 1: Poirot (added 2011/01/01)