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The Untimely Adventures of Cora J. Flynn
The first chapter of a young-adult novel I started for a NaNoWriMo. Did I finish? Nope...repeating a pattern of novel-writing that began in (and I do not lie) the fifth grade.
chapter 1: The First Chapter (original, huh?) (added 2008/12/01)

I've Heard This Before
Another personal essay that never saw publication. It worked nicely as a Father's Day gift, though...
chapter 1: Personal Essay (added 2007/09/05)

On the Ground
I became intrigued with the short essay format in college: so evocative, economical, and eloquent. In the professional market, however, the medium is very seldom purchased. Here then, is one of my att ...more
chapter 1: Personal Essay (added 2007/09/05)

Eden's Bodyguard
A short story published by Thuglit web magazine and will appear in their print anthology Hardcore Hardboiled. It was nominated for a Derringer Award for short mystery fiction. It was a finalist, but d ...more
chapter 1: Short Story (added 2008/07/11)