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Going Solo

This is a chapter from Roald Dahl's sequel to his childhood biography "Boy". This Chapter is from his adult years in WW2 called "Going Solo".

chapter 1: The Voyage Out (added 2011/12/08)

Clay Balls
This is another email I recieved that explains the uniqueness of people
chapter 1: Clay Balls (added 2011/12/08)

The power of poop
I cited this from Time's magazine for a report on biomass.
chapter 1: The power of poop (added 2011/12/08)

The True Story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff
The story of the three billy goats gruff is not a true story, since we only heard it from the goats side. This story is of the troll's side
chapter 1: The True Story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff (added 2011/12/08)

The Email that touches
I receved this email and i thought it was very touching. I copied it and put on Microsoft Word and now I want to share it with you
chapter 1: The email that touches (added 2011/12/08)

Sunflower and Dark as Midnight
An Indian girl finds a horse and her foal. She trains them they ride.
chapter 1: Sunflower (added 2011/12/08)
chapter 2: Dark as Midnight (added 2011/12/08)
chapter 3: Making a Saddle (added 2011/12/08)

It is that time of year again
A poem about the changing from summer to fall
chapter 1: It's that time of year again (added 2011/12/08)

A girl, A girl crew and Magic
Trinity is a supposed troubled girl (according to her father). Everthing changes when she finds a spell book at the library. But this isn't just any spell book, this book was written by Merlin.
chapter 1: All my troubles (added 2012/05/27)