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A Poem Over Two Years
I wrote a poem two years ago and I just added to it and changed it and I guess I just wanted to show how a write can evolve over time and how they can change things that would have seemed pretty good ...more
chapter 1: This Is My Favourite Day 2009 (added 2011/07/01)
chapter 2: This Is My favourite Day 2011 (added 2011/07/01)

Untitled Diary thing
I don't have a description yet, I was bored, I typed up a couple of hundred words. I'm not sure if it's any good.
chapter 1: Untitled Diary Thing (added 2011/06/29)

Maybe in Five Years Time
This is a short story that I wrote a few years ago. It's about a girl who is allowed one hour in prison to see the man who ruined her life.
chapter 1: Maybe in Five Years Time (added 2011/05/04)

Fantasy Falls
Fantasy Falls is a collection of gothic and fantasy poems.
So if you want immerse yourself in the dark imaginings of gothic love stories or if you just want to escape to another world, Fantasy Falls is

chapter 1: The Red Mists of Time (added 2011/04/21)
chapter 2: To Keep The Wolves At Bay (Praying For Life) (added 2011/04/21)
chapter 3: The Morgue (added 2011/04/21)
chapter 4: Ignorance Is Bliss (added 2011/04/21)
chapter 5: Do You Want To Catch Fire? (added 2011/04/21)
chapter 6: To All The Forgotten Idols In The World (added 2011/04/21)
chapter 7: To Be Away From You Is Like Ripping Out My Insides (added 2011/04/21)
chapter 8: Volcanoes (added 2011/04/21)
chapter 9: Where The Wild Horses Go (added 2011/04/21)
chapter 10: Too Many Sundays (added 2011/04/21)
chapter 11: Once Upon A Time... In Hell (added 2011/04/21)
chapter 12: He Will Not Hurt You (added 2011/04/21)
chapter 13: Holding Your Rotting Corpse (added 2011/04/21)
chapter 14: Beautiful Murder (added 2011/04/21)
chapter 15: Across The Screen (added 2011/04/21)
chapter 16: Run Away (added 2011/04/21)
chapter 17: Fantasy/Reality (added 2011/04/21)
chapter 18: You Cannot Destroy Me... (So who’s Gonna Try It Next) (added 2011/04/21)
chapter 19: To Save Your Life (added 2011/04/21)
chapter 20: Rest.In.Pieces. (added 2011/04/21)
chapter 21: Volatile (added 2011/04/21)
chapter 22: Killing You ... (Until I Found Out That You Were Already Dying) (added 2011/04/21)
chapter 23: Haunted (added 2011/04/21)
chapter 24: Victim of a Car Crash, That Never Happened (added 2011/04/21)
chapter 25: Paradise Lost (added 2011/04/21)
chapter 26: The Mental Scars (added 2011/04/21)

My Poetry
I tend to write my poems when I'm meant to be asleep. They tend to be dark and filled with negative emotions. Poetry is my first love when it comes to writing. Anyway, I think the words of my poetry c ...more
chapter 1: Why Won't You Go? (added 2011/04/20)
chapter 2: It's Violence (added 2011/04/24)
chapter 3: Anywhere But Home, Anyone But Me (added 2011/08/05)
chapter 4: Never Coming Home (added 2011/08/08)
chapter 5: An Ode to pipi boy (added 2011/08/19)

The year is 2025 and vampires have taken over the world.

Blood thirsty monsters have teamed up and taken over the world scaring what remains of the human race underground. Alexis Hart however has other

chapter 1: It's Not the End of the World (added 2011/05/04)
chapter 2: A Brief Guide to Broken Britain (added 2011/04/13)
chapter 3: Only In My Darkest Nightmares (added 2011/04/13)
chapter 4: Love is the Game of An Immortal Fool (added 2011/04/13)
chapter 5: New Born (added 2011/04/13)
chapter 6: You Used to Be Everything to Me (added 2011/04/13)
chapter 7: Misery Loves Company (added 2011/04/13)
chapter 8: ...Failing All Else (added 2011/04/13)
chapter 9: Sleeping Beauty Awakens (added 2011/04/13)
chapter 10: Break it to Her Gently (added 2011/04/13)