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Two friends find themselves trapped.
chapter 1: Analyze (added 2011/05/21)

A seemingly normal boy isn't so normal after all.
chapter 1: Whispers (added 2011/05/21)

Translucent Lies
A boy discovers the family secret.
chapter 1: Translucent Lies (added 2011/05/21)

A boy wakes up in a unfamilar room.
chapter 1: Leukophobia (added 2011/05/21)

Almost 60. Still on Rough Draft.
A woman at the edge of turning sixty reflects on past mistakes and looks to the future.
chapter 1: Almost 60. Still on Rough Draft. (added 2011/05/21)

Wildly Merciful
A collection of poems.
chapter 1: Falling (added 2011/03/03)
chapter 2: Midsummer (added 2011/03/03)
chapter 3: Foresee (added 2011/03/03)
chapter 4: Wild (added 2011/03/03)
chapter 5: Lantern (added 2011/03/03)
chapter 6: Drops of Life (added 2011/03/03)

Writer's Block
Anti-social writer struggling for a new idea and life.
chapter 1: Writer's Block (added 2010/12/21)