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How to piss off the Pizza Guy
ROFL READ READ READ and commentss.
chapter 1: Just for Fun - Totally Pointless (added 2010/04/01)

Hate is a strong word.
How long have you known me? How long have we been friends? I guess not long enough to mean something to you. You have my friends now, you dont need me.
chapter 1: Best Friends For... how long? (added 2010/04/23)
chapter 2: What is love? (added 2010/05/19)

Don't Come Back Again
(couldnt think of a title.)
Ever have that moment where you think everything is going really well, but then all of the sudden, one thing happens, and your whole life is turned upside down.

Thats what

chapter 1: Prologue (added 2010/04/01)
chapter 2: Chapter One (added 2010/02/26)
chapter 3: Chapter Two (added 2010/02/26)
chapter 4: Chapter Three (added 2010/02/28)
chapter 5: Chapter Four (added 2010/03/20)
chapter 6: Chapter Five (added 2010/03/29)