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Torn between love and hate...

Katrina Oriana was born and raised in the prosperous kingdom of Lanthia. Her life started perfectly, and she was raised to be proper and 'perfect' in the eyes of her publi

chapter 1: Prolouge (added 2010/08/03)

New story, charrie bios **SPOILERS**
chapter 1: hehh... (added 2010/08/03)

Just a Memory
For a writing contest.
Haydon James is forced to face a new school year with a heavy burden on his shoulders.

chapter 1: one (added 2010/07/27)

Untitled (help?)
Angel and chancing were forced to run from the only home they knew to avoid blame for a murder they witnessed...
More to come when I get an idea

6/25-note- hello! Thanks for all the reviews and title su

chapter 1: Prolouge (added 2010/06/18)
chapter 2: One--Angel (added 2010/06/19)
chapter 3: Two--Chancing (added 2010/06/20)
chapter 4: Three--Angel (added 2010/06/20)
chapter 5: Four--Chancing (added 2010/06/21)
chapter 6: Five--Angel (added 2010/06/22)
chapter 7: Six--Chancing (added 2010/06/23)
chapter 8: Seven--Angel (added 2010/06/23)
chapter 9: Eight--Chancing (added 2010/06/24)
chapter 10: Nine--Angel (added 2010/07/09)
chapter 11: Ten--Chancing (added 2010/07/09)

Rae just escaped the home of her kidnapper. She's lost and alone and afraid for her life. She doesn't know where to go...and doesn't know if she'll live long enough to see tomorrow.

Note: Im so sorry m

chapter 1: One-The Great Escape (added 2010/05/19)
chapter 2: Two-Discovered (added 2010/05/19)
chapter 3: Three-Invitation (added 2010/05/19)
chapter 4: Four-Welcome (added 2010/05/20)
chapter 5: Five-Family (added 2010/05/21)
chapter 6: Six-Found (added 2010/05/21)
chapter 7: Seven-Hopeful (added 2010/05/25)
chapter 8: Eight-Camp Conversations (added 2010/05/26)

Carly's Other Non-House M.D. Related Fanfiction Archive
Fan fiction from varying topics except House M.D.
chapter 1: The Last Chapter- Zelda: Twilight Princess- LinkxIlia (added 2010/05/09)

My Characters
My characters, thought out in detail for So You Think You Can Roleplay?
chapter 1: Ethan Stratford (added 2010/05/02)
chapter 2: Alexandria Grey (added 2010/05/02)
chapter 3: Angel Garibaldi (added 2010/05/02)
chapter 4: Summer Deschanel (added 2010/09/14)
chapter 5: Alaric Manson (added 2010/09/22)
chapter 6: Lissie Vincent (added 2010/09/22)
chapter 7: Lisa Hughes (added 2010/09/22)
chapter 8: Caleb (added 2010/09/22)
chapter 9: Leon Stratford (added 2010/09/22)
chapter 10: Caleb -- For Gaia (added 2011/02/21)
chapter 11: Theodore H. James (added 2011/10/06)

Diary Of An Insomniac
we'll see where it goes from here...
chapter 1: Insomnia (added 2010/04/14)
chapter 2: Entry One (added 2010/04/14)
chapter 3: Entry Two (added 2010/05/14)

Carly's House M.D. Fanfiction Archive
House M.D. fan fiction. I take no credit for the characters
chapter 1: House/Cuddy--One Night Stand (added 2010/04/10)
chapter 2: House/Cuddy--The Down Low (added 2010/04/10)
chapter 3: Chase/Thirteen--Perfect strangers (added 2010/04/10)
chapter 4: House/Cuddy--Stranger Than Fiction (added 2010/04/10)
chapter 5: House/Cuddy Songfic--Just The Girl I'm Looking For (added 2010/04/10)
chapter 6: House/Cuddy--Loss (added 2010/04/11)
chapter 7: House/Cuddy--The Choice (Alt. End.) (added 2010/05/05)
chapter 8: House/Cuddy--Breakeven (added 2010/05/05)
chapter 9: House/Cuddy--Help Me *Spoliers* (added 2010/05/17)
chapter 10: House/Cuddy--Waking Up In Vegas (added 2010/07/06)
chapter 11: House/Cuddy/Stacy--Struggle *Part One* (added 2010/07/06)
chapter 12: House/Cuddy/Wilson--Bizzarre Love Triangle Moment (added 2010/07/06)
chapter 13: House/Cuddy/Stacy--Struggle *Part Two* (added 2010/07/07)
chapter 14: House/Cuddy/Stacy--Struggle *Part Three* (added 2010/07/12)
chapter 15: House/Cuddy/Stacy--Struggle *Part Four* (added 2010/07/12)
chapter 16: House/Cuddy/Stacy--Struggle *Part Five* (added 2010/07/12)
chapter 17: Hose/Cuddy/Stacy--Struggle *Part Six* (added 2010/07/12)
chapter 18: House/Cuddy/Stacy--Struggle *Part Seven* (added 2010/07/12)
chapter 19: House/Cuddy/Stacy--Struggle *Part Eight* (added 2010/07/12)
chapter 20: House/Cuddy/Stacy--Struggle *Part Nine* (added 2010/07/12)
chapter 21: House/Cuddy/Stacy--Struggle *Part Ten* (added 2010/07/12)
chapter 22: House/Cuddy/Baby-Alone *One* (added 2010/07/13)
chapter 23: House/Cuddy/Baby-Alone *Two* (added 2010/07/14)
chapter 24: House/Cuddy/Baby-Alone *Three* (added 2010/07/19)
chapter 25: House/Cuddy/Baby-Alone *Four* (added 2010/07/19)
chapter 26: House/Cuddy/Baby-Alone *Five* (added 2010/07/19)
chapter 27: House/Cuddy/Baby-Alone *Five* (added 2010/07/19)
chapter 28: House/Cuddy/Stacy--Struggle *Part Eleven* (added 2010/07/21)
chapter 29: House/Cuddy -- Again (added 2010/07/22)
chapter 30: House/Cuddy/Baby-Alone *Six* (added 2010/07/23)
chapter 31: House/Cuddy/Stacy--Struggle *Part Twelve* (added 2010/07/23)

Fall Faster
At sixteen, Lilly is spending her whole summer before Seinor year around China with her dad who works for a shipping company. But when she's thrown off the boat and stranded with a shy librarian and a ...more
chapter 1: Dedication (bear with me for a moment) (added 2010/03/27)
chapter 2: One (added 2010/03/27)

Ivy Masterson was the daughter of a wealthy american business over, used to. That was until the government decided that the future for children had become too corrupt and shipped them off to 'camps' w ...more
chapter 1: Prolouge (added 2010/03/17)
chapter 2: Company (added 2010/03/17)
chapter 3: Jeremy (added 2010/03/18)

uhm...just a bit of mindless story, feedback would be great, I have to turn this in later this week soo...tell me if it sucks >.>
chapter 1: one (added 2010/03/13)

(No Title Yet)
This is a remake of mt original spy story:

Zinc Goldman is a spy. He's cold and isolated and works alone, but he has his reasons.
Luna Howard on the other hand is

chapter 1: A/N: Just Before We Begin.... (added 2010/03/07)
chapter 2: Prologue (added 2010/03/07)
chapter 3: One-Luna (added 2010/03/07)

Captive-A House M.D. Fanfiction
Disclaimer: not my charries all belong to David shore!!

A psychotic patient storms the clinic and takes Cuddy captive, thinking she's House's girlfriend.

a/n: bwahahaha im a terrible person ola, but th

chapter 1: The Situation (added 2010/02/18)
chapter 2: Of Calls and Revelations (added 2010/02/18)
chapter 3: Contact (added 2010/02/19)

Romulus and Juliet
My crappy adaptation inspired by William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Its probably going to be some cliche highschool romance, so...yeah :] I'll try to add twists though!
chapter 1: Prolouge (added 2010/01/30)

((Title Needed))
Zinc Goldman is a spy. He has a great life, great friends, and a great girl. Everything for him is perfect, until one day tragidy strikes,leaving Zinc hurt and his life in tatters. His one friend that ...more
chapter 1: Prologue (added 2010/01/05)
chapter 2: Chapter One (added 2010/01/05)
chapter 3: Chapter Two (added 2010/01/06)
chapter 4: Chapter Three (added 2010/01/06)
chapter 5: Chapter Four (added 2010/01/06)
chapter 6: Chapter Five (added 2010/01/07)
chapter 7: Chapter Six (added 2010/01/15)
chapter 8: Chapter Seven (added 2010/01/17)