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The Fall to Nihilum (Addonexus, #2)
The planet Xillia has entered it's first world war, now Addon and his mother Sara Nikkia Mikaila A.K.A Sharpshooting Sara are traveling through the galaxy to put forth the effort to end a war caused ...more
chapter 1: Shattered Shell (added 2012/09/29)

World Under Fire Sidenotes (Warning Spoiliers)
Yup more side notes, because I can.
chapter 1: Nova's Sanctuary (added 2012/09/21)
chapter 2: Pure Dialog (added 2012/09/21)
chapter 3: Short Exerpt from the Rewrite (added 2012/09/21)
chapter 4: Series Finale Summary (added 2014/03/16)

Dark Dreams Side Notes
Side Notes!!!
chapter 1: Factions And Kingdoms (added 2012/09/21)

Quick outline of my next big story after I finish W.U.F.
chapter 1: Outline (added 2012/01/26)
chapter 2: The Contract (added 2012/05/30)

dumb love
True story to a point, speed write, written in one hour, so it's not going to be perfect but this was just alot of stuff I had in my head that I needed to get written down...

Copyright 2012 Cody Cramer

chapter 1: It Was Never Love (added 2012/01/18)

Everyone is Afraid of Dying Alone
Two Drug Dealers Vaiden and Hearol are living in a shit hole apartment in an unknown city, they have been friends since they were born and consider each other brothers more than friends but a female i ...more
chapter 1: It Never Turns Out Like it Should (added 2012/01/24)

Searching for a peace of mind
My first Poem, it's about losing your mind and yourself, then trying to figure out how to go on and find joy after a dream is shattered.

It's not perfect and it's cheesy but I'm just doing it for fun a

chapter 1: Lost (added 2012/01/06)

528 is amount of days that [Soon to be Named] has to live, no he's not sick, or diagnosed with a disease, he's on a dead ship, the engine was destroyed by a battle cruiser than ran into them after exi ...more
chapter 1: 528 (added 2012/06/19)

Addonexus Side Notes
Just Some more information on this numbering and time telling system used in Addonexus... Also some future notes, not sure if I' ll use this stuff though

Copyright 2011 Cody Cramer

chapter 1: Addonexus Side Notes (added 2011/11/19)
chapter 2: What am' I Becoming? (added 2014/08/17)
chapter 3: Falling Skies (added 2012/01/28)
chapter 4: Even more Side Notes!! (added 2012/06/23)

WUF: The Burning Embers
This story is a side story to main plot line in World Under Fire, it takes place as a more realistic representation of the events before the main story with X and Sara began, this story is more about ...more
chapter 1: Lighting the Flame (added 2012/01/31)
chapter 2: Death of the Normal (added 2012/09/20)

World Under Fire
The year is 2012 the world has been devastated by an EMP and the world is in chaos, join X and Sara on a compelling, violent, action adventure, with stories about friendship, betrayal, hate, love, and ...more
chapter 1: World Under Fire (added 2011/10/17)
chapter 2: X and Sara (added 2011/10/26)
chapter 3: The Flame Ignited (added 2011/10/17)
chapter 4: The “fortress” (added 2011/10/17)
chapter 5: Our First Battlefield (added 2011/10/23)
chapter 6: 2 Months Later (added 2011/10/17)
chapter 7: Highway of Fire (added 2011/10/17)
chapter 8: Surviving (added 2012/01/14)
chapter 9: New Enemies? (added 2012/01/14)
chapter 10: Checking In (added 2012/01/14)
chapter 11: Decisions (added 2011/10/17)
chapter 12: Waking up in Hell (added 2011/10/17)
chapter 13: Victorian (added 2011/10/17)
chapter 14: I’ll have my waffles Toasted (added 2011/10/17)
chapter 15: Axus Domination (added 2011/10/17)
chapter 16: Assault on Emuelis (added 2011/10/17)
chapter 17: Volume 2 - Paths Divided (added 2011/10/17)
chapter 18: Words that Shouldn’t be Spoken (added 2011/10/17)
chapter 19: Divine Retribution (added 2011/10/17)
chapter 20: Nikki? And Cross (added 2011/10/17)
chapter 21: Yakuza Compound (added 2011/10/17)
chapter 22: Which is it Nikki or Sara? (added 2011/10/17)
chapter 23: Secret Basements must be a Fad. (added 2011/10/17)
chapter 24: Jack and Skyler Women Troubles (added 2011/10/17)
chapter 25: One Long Night (added 2011/10/17)
chapter 26: Peaceful Days were the Nycist (added 2011/10/17)
chapter 27: Training with Demons is Bad for your Health. (added 2011/10/17)
chapter 28: The Changing Tides (added 2011/10/17)
chapter 29: Bullets and Swords (added 2011/10/17)
chapter 30: Connie and the Twins (added 2011/10/17)
chapter 31: The Outpost (Bonus) (added 2011/10/18)
chapter 32: Volume 3 - The Rise of a New Empire (added 2011/10/24)
chapter 33: Templar Crusade (added 2011/10/17)
chapter 34: Defend Emuelis! (added 2011/10/17)
chapter 35: P.A.N.T.H.U.R.V. (added 2011/10/17)
chapter 36: Old Friends (added 2011/10/17)
chapter 37: Returning to Charitanim (added 2011/10/17)
chapter 38: M1 (added 2011/10/17)
chapter 39: Sniping is a Deadly Game (added 2011/10/17)
chapter 40: Blood Stained Lives (added 2011/10/17)
chapter 41: Cretin / Rikiers (added 2011/10/17)
chapter 42: Never Truly a Leader (added 2011/10/17)
chapter 43: Charitanim Memorial Hospital (added 2011/10/17)
chapter 44: Sacrifices for Friendship (added 2011/10/17)
chapter 45: Cirystian’s Truth (added 2011/10/17)
chapter 46: High Templemen’s Ascendants (added 2013/01/08)
chapter 47: The Shadows of Xion (added 2011/10/17)
chapter 48: Volume 4 - Scars of the Past (added 2011/10/17)
chapter 49: My Scars Tell No Lies (added 2011/10/17)
chapter 50: Sekai Kurraku (added 2011/10/17)
chapter 51: Lives Split, Yet Together (added 2011/10/17)
chapter 52: Nomad (added 2011/10/17)
chapter 53: Six’s Missing Link, The Wolf, and The Strike (added 2011/10/17)
chapter 54: The Claws of a Sparrow (added 2011/10/17)
chapter 55: Acerose’s Dying Will (added 2011/10/17)
chapter 56: Sisterly Bond (added 2011/10/17)
chapter 57: Eagle vs. Sparrow (added 2011/10/17)
chapter 58: Rialvin and Stories of the Past (added 2011/10/17)
chapter 59: The First Dance Rehearsal (added 2011/10/17)
chapter 60: Nova’s Arrival (added 2011/10/23)
chapter 61: Welcome to Fort Emuelis (added 2011/10/17)
chapter 62: The Enemy is the One who Carries the Different Flag (added 2011/10/17)
chapter 63: Return to the Present (added 2011/10/17)
chapter 64: Volume 5 - The Nycist Warrior (added 2011/10/17)
chapter 65: White Rooms and Blood Stained Floors (added 2011/10/17)
chapter 66: Rialvin’s Last Puppet Show (added 2011/10/17)
chapter 67: Red Snow (added 2011/10/17)
chapter 68: Aveida’s New Leader (added 2011/10/17)
chapter 69: Dawn of War and the Skittering Rat (added 2011/10/17)
chapter 70: Ripples of War (added 2011/10/17)
chapter 71: Cirystian Will Burn Tonight (added 2011/10/17)
chapter 72: Divine Retribution From the Heavens (added 2012/06/21)
chapter 73: Screaming Shells and Forever Dawn (added 2011/10/17)
chapter 74: The Rising Sun (added 2011/10/17)
chapter 75: Pushing Forward (added 2011/10/17)
chapter 76: Nomad M.A.S.H. And Commanding HQ (added 2011/10/17)
chapter 77: Team 10 (added 2011/10/17)
chapter 78: Enter the Cathedral (added 2011/10/17)
chapter 79: X vs. Pyre (added 2011/10/26)
chapter 80: Volume 6 - Dawn of a New Era (added 2011/11/20)
chapter 81: The End of a Long Run (added 2012/01/11)
chapter 82: Tornado Maidens (added 2012/01/26)
chapter 83: Separation and Reunion (added 2012/01/27)
chapter 84: End of a Long Blood Trail (added 2012/01/27)
chapter 85: The Battle of Two Hells (added 2012/05/25)
chapter 86: Shadows of the Cirystian (added 2012/06/19)
chapter 87: Temple of a God (added 2014/02/21)

Dark Dreams
This story follows Rage Senna Hikui,as he has just woken up from a long night of drinking and is dealing with a massive hangover, when walking through the street a thief steal his coin purse.
He chases

chapter 1: First Illusion (added 2011/10/07)
chapter 2: Rough Draft (incomplete) (added 2014/02/08)

The River Below
Short Story, I'm not really sure where I'm going with this story so for now this will be all that this story is.

Copyright 2011 Cody Cramer

chapter 1: That Sinking Feeling (Short Story) (added 2011/10/06)

? is a Marriage counselor who uses his office to cheat on his wife with his female clients, one day while heading home he spots a strange dark figure floating behind his parked car, upon a second glan ...more
chapter 1: Echo (added 2011/10/06)

Set in 2182 P.A.E.W

Addonexus takes place on a planet called Xillia, The story follows a man named Addon Axusia, he has just quit his military academy and is now leaving the city to travel and find a

chapter 1: Addonexus (added 2014/08/15)
chapter 2: Long Journey to Semndia (added 2011/11/17)
chapter 3: Smuggler's Run (added 2011/10/16)
chapter 4: Chains of Fate (added 2011/10/16)
chapter 5: The Heartless Bringer of Death (added 2011/10/16)
chapter 6: The Eternal Existence (added 2011/10/16)
chapter 7: The City of Semndia (added 2011/11/27)
chapter 8: Killing is Our History (added 2011/11/18)
chapter 9: Darkness of the Past (added 2011/10/10)
chapter 10: Desert of the Fallen (added 2011/11/10)
chapter 11: Reunion of Nightmares (added 2011/10/06)
chapter 12: I’ am the Bringer of Death (added 2011/10/12)
chapter 13: The Aftermath of Choices (added 2011/10/19)
chapter 14: An Old Friend (added 2011/10/28)
chapter 15: That Negative Feeling (added 2012/01/31)
chapter 16: All Dressed in Black and Nowhere to Go (added 2012/01/26)
chapter 17: Shadows of Broken Paths (added 2012/06/18)
chapter 18: Remuelis Military Academy (added 2012/07/03)

Long Trip to a New Home
So this is my first post,I wrote this in my College Writing Class it's my very first Memoir I hope you enjoy it and Please leave CONSTRUCTIVE criticism.
chapter 1: Memoir (added 2010/01/01)