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Robert Wadlow - The Unique Life of the Boy Who Became the World's Tallest Man
Children's biography (targeting grades 4-6) about Robert Wadlow, who was grown-up size by age 5 due to an overactive pituitary gland. This is the story of how he coped with the challenges created by h ...more
chapter 1: Imagine You Are a Giant (added 2010/11/15)

Nina Kosterina: A Young Communist in Stalinist Russia
A young adult biography available in eBook formats

Nina Kosterina was born in a revolutionary camp as the Bolsheviks took over Russia in 1920s. She beat the odds of survival during the harsh early year

chapter 1: Prologue: Diary of an Ordinary Girl (added 2010/01/04)
chapter 2: Schooling as a Revolutionary (added 2010/01/04)

Elijah Lovejoy's Fight for Freedom
Prologue chapter of biography for middle-grade readers just released in October 2009, available through Amazon.com in both paperback and Kindle versions. ISBN 9780615316895
chapter 1: Prologue-The Turning Point (added 2009/12/14)