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The Story of a Super Villain
Doctor Doom's profession is pretty average. Make super weapons, wreak super havoc, and be super defeated by the Super hero, JusticeGirl. It's the endless cycle of your typical Super Villain's life. Bu ...more
chapter 1: A Cliche Beginning... (added 2010/07/20)
chapter 2: Not Who I Expected... (added 2010/07/27)

For When I am Scared
A series of poems about my fears, particulairly those of growing up and the future.
chapter 1: Afraid of Freedom (added 2010/04/28)
chapter 2: Eyes of the Future (added 2010/04/29)

For When Desire is Great
a series of poems about things I long for.
chapter 1: Aspirations (added 2010/04/28)
chapter 2: Card Tricks (added 2010/04/28)
chapter 3: Like a Shadow (added 2010/04/28)
chapter 4: Masquerade (added 2010/04/28)

For When Praise is Due
A series of poems about places, organizations, events and objects that I love. Basically things I love that aren't living.
chapter 1: Constellations (added 2010/04/28)
chapter 2: Mathmatic Ballet (added 2010/04/28)
chapter 3: Ode to my Country (added 2010/04/28)
chapter 4: Ode to the Vibrancy of Words (added 2010/04/28)
chapter 5: One Hundred (added 2010/04/28)
chapter 6: Silver Lining (added 2010/04/28)
chapter 7: The Beach (added 2010/04/28)
chapter 8: Story of a Life (added 2010/04/28)
chapter 9: This is for What we Strive (added 2010/04/28)
chapter 10: Struggles of a Super Villain (added 2010/06/29)

For a World that Doesn't Listen
A series of poems about hate towards the world, haorrible truths about it. Also, a fair bit of screaming it. All written in poetic flow. :)
chapter 1: Does it Matter? (added 2010/04/27)
chapter 2: Forever Be (added 2010/04/27)
chapter 3: History of the Human Race (added 2010/04/27)
chapter 4: Institutional Poison (added 2010/04/27)
chapter 5: Misunderstood (added 2010/04/27)
chapter 6: Searching (added 2010/04/27)
chapter 7: Simple Answers (added 2010/04/27)
chapter 8: The Art of Emotion (added 2010/04/27)
chapter 9: This Matters to Me (added 2010/04/27)

The sad attempts I have made at writing in the Style of our good friend Shakespeare. I give the man great credit. Sonnets are HARD.
chapter 1: Distress (added 2010/04/27)
chapter 2: Lover of a Madman (added 2010/04/27)

For You
Poems about/for someone I know and hold dear to my heart.
chapter 1: Broken World, Broken Hearts (added 2010/04/27)
chapter 2: Midnight Wish (added 2010/04/27)

For When Time is Short, and Wisdom is Great
A series of short poems about little truths.
chapter 1: Untitled (added 2010/04/27)
chapter 2: Guardian Angel - A Prayer (added 2010/04/27)
chapter 3: Sunset (added 2010/04/27)
chapter 4: Are you ready? (added 2010/04/27)
chapter 5: A Sign (added 2010/04/27)
chapter 6: Silver Spoons (added 2010/04/27)
chapter 7: Stand in the Rain (added 2010/04/27)
chapter 8: Sunshine - A Petition (added 2010/04/27)
chapter 9: Tick Tock (added 2010/04/27)

Holiday Series
Series of poems about Easter and Christmas. I would like you to keep in mind that I am Catholic, and although I completely understand if you have different views, and apoligize if you are offended by ...more
chapter 1: You bring me joy (added 2010/04/27)
chapter 2: Snowflakes (added 2010/04/27)
chapter 3: I am Here - A Prayer (added 2010/04/27)
chapter 4: I'll Hold Your Hand (added 2010/04/27)

In Memorium
May they Rest in Peace. A series of poems about coping with death, and about those who have passed in my life.
chapter 1: Forget-Not-Me (added 2010/04/27)
chapter 2: The Ever Ever Raging War (added 2010/04/27)
chapter 3: The Music of Sutch (added 2010/04/27)
chapter 4: The Willow (added 2010/04/27)
chapter 5: When Darkness Calls (added 2010/04/27)

A series of poems I wrote during my trip to Italy/Paris
chapter 1: Live the History (added 2010/03/20)
chapter 2: Here (added 2010/03/20)
chapter 3: The Wonder of Italy (added 2010/03/20)
chapter 4: Ancient Italy (added 2010/03/20)
chapter 5: Life Lessons (added 2010/03/20)
chapter 6: Moments (added 2010/03/20)

a poem about how weather dictates our emotions and internal balance.
chapter 1: Pristine (added 2010/02/25)

Listen While the Wind Whispers
A series of poems about the battles between summer and winter and their affect on human life.
chapter 1: Rulers of the World (added 2009/12/29)
chapter 2: A Tyrant Returned (added 2009/12/29)

Parody of the Story Elements
A comedic little adventure of an author and his dive into insanity when his story elements come to life and he is attacked by the infamous Writer's Block. Enjoy!
chapter 1: The Story Conventions Convention (added 2009/12/26)

Dream Catcher
Follow the supernatural adventures of Eli, a gifted Dreamer who can travel in the land of dreams. Plagued by a tyrant of this land who calls himself Nightmare, Eli (with the help of the Gathering) mus ...more
chapter 1: Predicition (added 2009/12/14)
chapter 2: The Darkness is Coming (added 2009/12/15)
chapter 3: Darkness. Fire. Him. (added 2009/12/16)
chapter 4: Your Worst Nightmare (added 2010/01/09)
chapter 5: I Love Him, Right? (added 2009/12/28)
chapter 6: Table Talk (added 2010/01/07)
chapter 7: Ink & Napkins (added 2010/01/09)
chapter 8: Fearless (added 2010/01/21)
chapter 9: Would you want to know? (added 2010/01/22)
chapter 10: Dark Realities (added 2010/01/22)
chapter 11: Painful Memory (added 2010/01/23)
chapter 12: Blood to Spill, Souls to Save (added 2010/01/23)
chapter 13: Violet Eyes (added 2010/03/07)
chapter 14: That Which Hasn't Been Told (added 2010/05/28)
chapter 15: Reckless (added 2010/08/26)