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The Painting of Olga in the Armchair
This is my Ekphrasis - a poem about a piece of art like a painting - about Picasso's Painting of Olga. I did this for one of my class and I just wanna share it with you. Oh btw, Olga is Picasso's firs ...more
chapter 1: The Painting of Olga in the Armchair (added 2010/11/19)

Gay Vamps
Eversince Twilight became really famous, differet YA novels about vampires, angels, witches, and other supernatural stuff made its way to the Bestseller's List around the world. But what would happen ...more
chapter 1: When Edward Met His Lost Long Brothah (added 2010/11/18)
chapter 2: The Big Three (added 2012/04/06)
chapter 3: Threat to Existence (added 2012/12/19)